Top Tips For Returning To Sport After An Injury

With Dr Domenic Simeoni from Quay Health Sydney

1. Seek Professional Help

After an injury it is important for a qualified medical practitioner, such as a physiotherapist, to evaluate and determine the extent of the injury. Once the injury has been assessed, you will gain significant insight into how to properly rehabilitate the sports injury and be able to set realistic goals for return to sport. Your physiotherapist will help you to safely rebuild your strength and mobility through a tailored exercise program aimed at getting you back to the sport that you love.

2. Don’t Push Yourself To Return Too Soon

Returning to sport before your body is ready can often lead to worsening of symptoms and worsening of the injury. Make sure that you are completely pain free and have been cleared by your doctor or physiotherapist to return to sport before attempt to play your sport. Even if you feel 100 percent better, your body is likely still regaining its full strength, range-of-motion, and stability. Be mindful of your injury for several weeks to months and regularly check in with your sports medicine doctor or physiotherapist if you suspect a problem.

3. Implement A Proper Warm Up And Cool Down

Performing a complete and progressive warm up before you begin exercise or sport is vital to your return to full activity. Your warmup should include both a full body dynamic warm up to get yourself ready for the demands of your sport, as well as a focused warm up targeted at your specific athletic injury. A proper warm up gives you the opportunity to check in with your body and identify any movements or activities that are still uncomfortable or painful.

4. Invest In a Proper Support or Brace

There are plenty of options on the market, however doing your research and investing in the right brace for you is very important. Bauerfeind offers a complete range of support braces that include medical grade compression and support. All Bauerfeind braces come custom fit to your body or joint, resulting in superior fit, comfort and adaptability while you move. For example, if you recently suffered a knee injury, the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support brace will help give you the extra support and confidence you need to return to sport following an injury.

5. Listen to Your Injury and Your Body

There’s an old saying “no pain, no gain.” Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to returning to sport following an injury. If you start to feel pain again, stop and take a break. Pushing through the pain will often set you back in your rehab, so rest, ice, and consult your medical team if you experience pain. Remember to listen to your body and never try to play through the pain.

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