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Basketball Support

Basketball is incredibly popular in Australia to say the least. Over one million Aussies play it, making it the second most popular sport after organised team soccer. As a fast paced game that combines strength, agility and accuracy, basketball is one of the best demonstrations of athleticism there is.

Wearing a basketball brace isn't at all unusual, with a host of knee, ankle and foot injuries among others keeping plenty of people of the court. Bauerfeind have developed a range of basketball braces designed to suit virtually any condition from the tip of your toes to the top of your spine.

How can I prevent or avoid a knee injury while playing basketball?

Basketball is a high intensity sport which holds a high risk of knee-injuries such as ACL and meniscus tears, ligament injuries, and jumper’s knee (patellar tendonitis). To prevent knee injuries while shooting and dribbling, we recommend wearing a Bauerfeind knee brace or sports knee support. It will provide enhanced stability, protection and medical-grade compression to prevent a knee injury while playing basketball. The increase of blood flow due to the compression will speed up your recovery after the game too.

How can I prevent or treat an ankle injury while playing basketball?

While ankle injuries are common in all sports, they are predominant in basketball due to high-impact jumping movements like layup shots. This can cause mild injuries such as ankle sprains or major injuries such as Achilles tendon ruptures. To decrease overloading on the ankle, we recommend wearing our dynamic ankle support while playing the game to prevent injuries. To recover from specific major injuries, we recommend our ankle braces Achillotrain and Malleotrain. This will enhance stability during jumping and running movements, protect the joint and provide medical-grade compression to increase blood flow aiding in muscle recovery.


How can I prevent or treat hand injuries while playing basketball?

In an intense contact sport like basketball, hand injuries damaging the wrist or fingers are quite common. Jammed finger is one of the most common injuries caused due to the impact of the basketball on the proximal interphalangeal joint (PIP) of the fingers while shooting or defending. To prevent or avoid injuries, we recommend using our Sports Wrist Support to provide stability and boost circulation. To assist with injuries such as a jammed thumb, we recommend using Rhizoloc Thumb Stabiliser for optimal healing.

How do I take care of these products?

Virtually all of our products can be machine washed on a cold gentle cycle and air dried out of direct sunlight. Putting them on and taking them off carefully is recommended, and for specific product care, refer to the product manual or contact our friendly staff.

What is the warranty for these products?

All supports and insoles come with a 12 month warranty, and compression stockings with a 3 month warranty for any manufacturers faults. At any point if you've got issues with the product or aren't sure if something is wrong, just contact our helpful staff.

How do I know they'll fit?

Bauerfeind have an incredibly extensive sizing system for our products based off of hundreds of thousands of patient measurements. The perfect anatomic fit system we use means that the supports are designed to fit your body, not the other way around. (We also offer custom options for a range of our products for those rare few who still can't fit into our sizing range).

How do these help me while I'm playing basketball?

Basketball is a rapid movement sport, requiring sharp and sudden changes of direction and force, putting a particular strain and stress on the knees and ankles. These supports work to actively stabilise those joints so that you can still move freely while getting full support while also soothing the muscles and relieving pain or soreness.

Do I have to have an injury to wear these?

The beauty of these supports is their versatility. While there are a wide range of products to manage injury (the "Train" and "Loc" range), the performance line is perfect for helping you to get more out of each movement, not only enhancing your exercise for better results, but helping protect you from injury.