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Lower Back Brace

Every year millions of Australians are affected by lower back pain and it's the number one reason for people visiting the doctor. From aches and pains that come and go to chronic sufferers, treating back pain is crucial to the physical and mental health and wellbeing of many people. Of the different ways to treat and manage it, wearing a lower back brace is one of the easier and more sustainable.

Bauerfeind have worked on perfecting the lower back support for decades, consulting the world's experts on back pain, from surgeons, clinicians and researchers to physiotherapists, chiropractors and GPs. If you're looking for a lower back brace, don't look any further than Bauerfeind.

Will these stop my back pain?

Back pain can be caused by a wide range of issues, from small niggles and muscle strains to chronic injuries and disease. Bauerfeind's extensive range of back supports are designed to help alleviate pain in virtually any condition affecting the back, no matter how serious. 

Can these treat any back problem?

From bulging discs and nerve pain to fractures, stooping and arthritis, there are hundreds of different issues that affect the back. Alongside our normal range below, Bauerfeind have an extensive range of specialist back supports for even the most serious of problems. 

No matter who you are or what issue affects your back, there's a back support to help you.

Can I still work and move in these?

Our back supports range from active supports that can move with you no matter the position, to immobilising braces that keep the spine in the safest position possible, and everything in between. Designed with comfort and mobility in mind, we've got the right support for you whether you want to move exactly like you used to, or just keep going at work and home.

How do I take care of these products?

Virtually all of our products can be machine washed on a cold gentle cycle and air dried out of direct sunlight. Putting them on and taking them off carefully is recommended, and for specific product care, refer to the product manual or contact our friendly staff.

What is the warranty for these products?

All supports and insoles come with a 12 month warranty, and compression stockings with a 3 month warranty for any manufacturers faults. At any point if you've got issues with the product or aren't sure if something is wrong, just contact our helpful staff.

How do I know they'll fit?

Bauerfeind have an incredibly extensive sizing system for our products based off of hundreds of thousands of patient measurements. The perfect anatomic fit system we use means that the supports are designed to fit your body, not the other way around. (We also offer custom options for a range of our products for those rare few who still can't fit into our sizing range).