Woman on the beach walking with a yoga mat, preparing to do active recovery after sports

Active Recovery: How to do it Right

With benefits like removing blood lactate at a faster rate, minimising the effect of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, and helping you stick with your exercise routine, it’s no wonder active recovery comes highly recommended. But to achieve the optimal results, you have to do it right. So, from great low-intensity workouts to the best gear, here’s how to do just that. What’s the best time to do active...

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Woman smiling while vacuuming the living room. She is wearing an EpiTrain Elbow Brace to avoid cleaning pain

House Cleaning Without the Hurt: Tips to Prevent Joint Pain

House cleaning is a constant (and essential) part of life. But, unfortunately, the repetitive and physically demanding activity can take a toll on your knees, back, and even elbows - and the effects aren’t limited to those pre-existing conditions or joint injuries. So, to keep your joints happy and healthy, here’s our guide to pain-free cleaning. Warm-up  As with gardening, house...

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Woman jumping rope at the gym. She is wearing Bauerfeind's Sports Ankle Supports to avoid ankle injury

Ankle Injuries: How to Avoid Them

Rolled your ankle one too many times? Don’t want to get Achilles tendonitis again? Starting martial arts and want to prevent a painful sprain? Here’s the ultimate guide. From strengthening routines to the best sports ankle supports, here’s how to avoid ankle injuries.  The breakdown of ankle injuries  Ankle injuries come in many forms. Tendonitis happens when you overstrain one or more of...

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man in the follow through of a golf swing

5 Common Golf Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Golf isn’t exactly a strenuous or high-impact sport. However, statistics show that it has roughly the same injury rate as tennis (1.8 per 1000 players) and, shockingly, a higher one than rugby (1.5 per 1000 players). So, to help you reduce your risk on the green, here are 5 common golf injuries and how to avoid them. Low back strain What is it Low...

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Man trimming a hedge in EpiTrain Elbow Brace to avoid Garderner's Elbow pain

How to Treat Gardener’s Elbow

Are you getting elbow pains while gardening? It could be a case of Gardener’s Elbow - tendonitis that creeps up after a long day of trimming, digging, and weeding. The bad news is that elbow tendonitis can make gardening difficult (and even stop you from doing the activity altogether) if you leave it unaddressed. But the good news is there...

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man walking on the beach with his dog for his health

Men’s Health and the Role of Physical Wellbeing

The research is in: on average, men have a lower life expectancy than women, are less likely to go to the doctor for a check-up, and are less likely to look after their health. This Movember, we wanted to get back to basics and get into one of the biggest factors affecting overall health: physical well-being. Like it or not, the...

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Man cycling for triathlon training. He is wearing Bauerfeind's compression arm sleeves to improve circulation and endurance

Triathlon Training: How to Get Started

So, you want to be a triathlete? There is a LOT of information you’ll need to brush up on to kick off triathlon training right. So, we’ve compiled this beginner guide. From standard race lengths to gear to a 13-week training plan, here’s everything you need to know to get started.   1. Pick your race The first step is...

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