woman doing stability ball flys in her backyard

Stability Ball Flys: Chest and Shoulder Workout

Stability Ball Flys are an excellent exercise for the chest and shoulders. Unlike their bench counterparts, they even engage your core. So, if you’d like to build some definition or strengthen your shoulders, here’s how to do Stability Ball Flys.   How to do stability ball flys  Grab some dumbbells appropriate to your strength level and an exercise ball that is...

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people doing lateral jumps at the gym

Lateral Jump Ups: Balance, Agility, and Strength Workout

Are you experiencing some knee instability? Lateral Jump-Ups can help! This exercise works the muscles that support and move the knee. Jumping on one leg will also help improve your overall balance. Ready to give it a try? Here’s how.   Benefits of Lateral Jump Ups  Lateral Jump Ups is a relatively gentle exercise for knee strength and stability. It...

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Man doing Resisted Shoulder Abduction exercise at the park

Shoulder Abduction Workout for Rotator Cuff Strength and Rehabilitation

The rotator cuff comprises several muscles that support, stabilise, and help move your shoulder joint. Keeping it strong and healthy with exercises like resisted shoulder abductions will minimise your risk of injury and assist in recovery. See how to do shoulder abduction below.   The benefits of resisted shoulder abduction  Resisted shoulder abduction is an exercise that strengthens and stabilises...

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Pregnant woman walking around stone archways and green vines. She's wearing a white dress and VenoTrain Maternity Compression Stockins

Reduce Swelling and Aches in Pregnancy with Compression

Pregnancy is an extremely exciting time. However, it is often accompanied by some less desirable developments, such as heavy swollen ankles and calves, carpal tunnel, weakened core, and back pain. Fortunately, compression socks, stockings, and back supports can help minimise these symptoms.   What causes the swelling and body pains? During pregnancy, a few notable changes happen in the body: ...

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Man running through the park wearing the Bauerfeind Sports Achilles Support to help with Achilles pain when running

Achilles Tendon Pain When Running

Feeling Achilles tendon pain when running? It is a very common (and very irritating) overuse injury to get. And unfortunately, if you ignore it, it can worsen over time. So, let’s get into Achilles tendon irritation, how to treat it, and how to prevent it in the future.    ANATOMY OF ACHILLES TENDON PAIN FROM RUNNING Achilles tendon pain is most...

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woman doing a lower back and hip stretch to relieve back pain after running

Pain in Lower Back When Running? Here’s How to Fix It:

Running makes for fantastic cardio. But as you might have noticed, it can start turning your muscles and joints against you if you’re not careful. Among those affected is the back, and unlike the knees and feet, runners don’t often take precautions to protect it until it acts up enough to affect their routines. The good news is that back...

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man running on a trail in performance socks. He seems to be experiencing discomfort, common to itb syndrome

Top 5 Exercises for ITB Syndrome

If you’re planning to take up running or cycling as part of your New Year’s Resolutions, you should know that Iliotibial Band Syndrome (AKA ITBS) is extremely common in these activities. Fortunately, with proper preparation, you can minimise your risk. So, here are the top 5 exercises you could do to prevent this condition.    What is ITBS? The iliotibial...

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