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Whether it’s a dull ache in winter, a sharp pain after running or an old injury flaring up, knee pain can take the shine off your day. To help you get back to the things you love faster and stop worrying about knee pain, we’ve put together the most common knee issues, like arthritis, meniscus issues, ligament problems and more. “Motion is life” isn’t just our motto, it’s the attitude we have when it comes to our braces, treatment and service. So stay fit, agile and healthy and enjoy our knee dossier!

The most common knee injuries and diseases

For conservative therapy of the knee joint, as well as post-op management, high-quality supports are essential to the success of the treatment

Dr Hendrik Baum
senior doctor for spinal surgery and sports medicine at the Altenburger Clinic

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Cartilage is 80% water

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Additional stability is always a psychological advantage.

Dirk Nowitzki
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Frequently asked questions / FAQs about knees

Knee braces are ideal for treating sprains, instability, and general knee pain. They are often used to ensure a swift and solid recovery from injury, and by athletes to help with knee stability during training.
Knee braces provide support and stability to specific areas of the knee, ensuring pain relief at all levels of movement. Premium knee braces offer medical grade compression to support and help activate the surrounding muscles.
Bauerfeind have created a range of knee braces, each suited to treat, or manage, specific knee injuries. It is difficult to recommend a brace without hearing more about your specific case. We recommend you consult a medical practitioner, or you can video chat with a Bauerfeind specialist. Simply book a suitable date and time by clicking this link: Book Bauerfeind Video Chat
It depends on the brace. Some are designed to be restrictive, to protect the knee and limit motion. Others are more flexible and are designed to be worn during exercise. It is important you have selected the correct knee brace for your needs. We recommend you consult a medical practitioner, or you can video chat with a Bauerfeind specialist. Simply book a suitable date and time by clicking this link: Book Bauerfeind Video Chat
When treating a torn ligament, the most important thing is to stabilise the knee joint, and prevent it from rotating or buckling creating further damage and pain. A hinged brace is most suited, as it allows for walking, running and general movements, while still protecting the knee. Read more about preventing and managing knee injuries.
Supporting your knees while running can help prevent injury, especially in the patella tendon (the main tendon under your kneecap). The GenuTrain knee support is designed to treat runners knee and to relieve mild aches and pains. The special Omega pad and compression weave will support your knee while running, as well as improve your recovery afterwards. For more advice on staying injury-free while running, try this blog Tips to Get Back Into Running.
Arthritis is a broad-ranging condition that varies from mild cases with occasional pain, to very severe cases with constant pain and instability. Compression is one of the best ways to treat arthritis. Braces which provide medical-grade compression, and enable unloading of the joint, are ideal for managing arthritis. We recommend the GenuTrain A3, GenuTrain S, GenuTrain OA & SecuTec OA which are all suited to dealing with arthritis, no matter how advanced it is.
This changes from case to case; in general it's best to wear the brace while recovering from your injury or when performing activities known to cause pain. Once you're better, wear the knee brace on occasions when you're putting the knee under particular strain
Knee braces vary in structure, some are simple to slip-on, while others require adjustments before wearing. However, all roughly work the same way - by being put onto the knee and fastened to provide specific support. Video guides are available for all Bauerfeind knee braces, these provide guidance on how to fit and correctly wear your garment.
Yes, with our simple 30 day return or exchange policy, if your brace isn't the right fit, we will refund or exchange. We can only accept returns or exchanges if the product is unused apart from trying it on. More details here - shipping and returns.