Best Braces for Achilles Tendonitis


Achilles tendonitis refers to inflammation of the Achilles tendon and occurs due to repetitive loading of the connective tissue.

It commonly affects runners, jumpers and people playing high-intensity contact sports due to to the frequent repetition of the same movements. Symptoms usually include stiffness, pain, redness and swelling of the area that is affected.

You will experience a therapeutic combination of stabilisation and enhanced blood circulation for healing during movement. Our special knit material is very gentle on the skin and allows for a comfortable brace to complement your recovery process.

Two good ankle braces for achilles tendonitis include the AchilloTrain and AchilloTrain Pro ankle supports which stabilise the foot.




Take a look at boxing champion Ben Savva using the AchilloTrain Pro and Lower Leg Compression Sleeves for pain relief of the Achilles tendon muscles in the ankle.

You can wear this ankle brace during heavy workouts like this Instagram video as the brace is produced from a soft moisture wicking material which ensures all day wearing comfort.

Bauerfeind’s high-quality supports and braces engineered with medical-grade compression are designed to reduce the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis, such as swelling and pain.


Best Ankle Brace for Achilles Tendonitis

AchilloTrain Pro ANKLE SUPPORT

A premium brace that provides a supportive massaging effect to soothe chronic pain, irritation and inflammation of the Achilles tendon.

$169.95 - Buy Here

The AchilloTrain Pro Achilles support combines the best in German medical engineering and medical-grade compression to provide you with added stability and pain relief of the Achilles tendon.

This ankle support features a unique wing shaped pad which massages your muscles and tendon every time you move, helping to reduce inflammation and pain.

"I purchased an ankle support to help with a painful Achilles tendon that I just could not get right. It worked a treat and by wearing support I achieved a full recovery. " - Stuart B. 

Best Ankle Brace for Achilles Tendonitis

AchilloTrain Ankle Support

Active Achilles ankle support with an integrated heel cushion to brace and provide pain relief of the Achilles tendon.

$169.95 - Buy here

The AchilloTrain incorporates the latest in sports science technology to form an active ankle brace that relieves the Achilles tendon.

The ankle brace provides a threefold therapeutic effect: it relieves Achilles tendon pain, distributes pressure evenly to reduce impact, and produces a soothing massage effect that helps prevent fluid build-up.

"I've worn the brace now for two softball outings and the tendon soreness I was experiencing after the games has virtually disappeared. It is well worth the money if it keeps me playing and away from the operating table. Trust me, a hundred dollar investment is chump change compared to the misery of dealing with a rupture and the long recovery period after surgery." - Verified Customer Review

PRODUCT REVIEW: AchilloTrain Pro 

Elite athletes and sports players use high-quality, German-made Bauerfeind products to prevent and treat ankle injuries such as ankle sprains and Achilles tendinitis.

Check out this video showing the best features and mechanism of action of the AchilloTrain Pro, an ankle brace utilized by physiotherapists for treating Achilles tendinitis. Bauerfeind braces help in stabilising the foot and improving proprioception. Bauerfeind Ankle braces can be worn to provide pain relief and protection during sporting activities. 


How can I prevent Achilles tendonitis?

Complete strengthening and stretching exercises for your Achilles tendon before and after exercise to help maintain flexibility. It’s also important to strengthen and stretch your calf muscles.



  • Regularly apply ice packs in the first few days to the affected area to help reduce swelling and pain.
  • Do plenty of balance and strengthening exercises for healing and prevent risks of re-injury. Your doctor can recommend a physical therapist to teach you what to do.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications and analgesic may be helpful.
  • Severe or persistent pain should be investigated by your doctor.

Play it safe: Consult a doctor if you experience unusually intense and persistent tendonitis pain.