Best Compression Stockings For Lymphedema



Lymphedema refers to the swelling that can occur in your arms, legs and sometimes in both limbs at the same time.

This condition is caused from blockage to the lymphatic system when lymph nodes are removed or damaged.

This prevents fluid from being drained, leading to a build up of fluid and hence swelling.

Common symptoms of lymphedema include: swelling in part or all of your limbs, feelings of tightness, reduced range of movement, aching or discomfort.

Bauerfeind’s high-quality medical-grade compression stockings are designed to target and manage these uncomfortable symptoms of lymphedema.

Made with 50% microfibre, the stockings are soft and gentle on your skin. Moisture is transported away and air can circulate to your skin, preventing any unpleasant build-up of heat whilst providing adequate compression to reduce swelling.

In addition to its contemporary stylish look, the elastic knit also stimulates blood circulation.

The VenoTrain range is available in a range of compression classes (depending on your needs) and styles including colour, open/closed toe and height.

Our best-seller VenoTrain Micro stockings provide controlled, gradient compression with maximum pressure at the ankles, decreasing gradually up the leg.

This stimulates blood circulation to help prevent varicose veins and tired, achy legs. Made with 50% microfibre, the moisture-wicking material is breathable, soft and gentle on your skin.




    Bauerfeind VenoTrain knee high compression stockings for Lymphedema

    VenoTrain Business Socks

    The compression sock with an understated business look.

    $119.95 - Buy Here

    Sitting or standing for long periods at work or when flying often leads to heavy, swollen legs and varicose veins. To combat these, VenoTrain Business socks have integrated medical-grade compression into a stylish and discreet sock for men and women.

    Boasting the best in compression, the stockings improve circulation and increase oxygen in the leg veins for optimal health. VenoTrain Business compression socks boast an understated business look that will complement your style.

    Bauerfeind VenoTrain black, thigh high, compression stockings for Lymphedema

    VenoTrain Compression Stockings

    VenoTrain compression stockings stimulate circulation and relieve stress on the veins. Ideally suited for business, travel, preventive care and pregnancy. 

    $139.95 - Buy Here

    The therapeutic effects of VenoTrain micro compression stockings begin at the foot: the comfort sole provides special pressure relief zones at the heel and the ball of the foot, allowing you the comfort and support to stay on your feet for longer.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  5 Stars

    "At 155cm tall it was great to be able to source a length that suited me perfectly. Way more comfortable than the stockings I was sent home from hospital with and stayed put neatly under my work trousers. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Money well spent." - Elizabeth S. 



    Wear compression stockings to compress on areas that are swelling and encourage flow of lymphatic fluid away from the limb that is affected. Exercise is a great lifestyle intervention to manage your symptoms of swelling and pain. Seek advice from your exercise physiologist or specialist for the best modes of exercise. Any severe pain or aggravation of symptoms should be consulted with your doctor ASAP. Play it safe: Consult a doctor if you experience unusually intense and persistent pain.