Best Knee Braces For MCL Tears



The medial collateral ligament (MCL) lies on the most inner part of your knee and works provide stability and strength to the joint. The MCL can get torn or sprained as a result of a high impact hit or blow to the outer part of the knee.

Symptoms of MCL injuries will vary depending on the severity of the sprain, which is classified into levels of mild (grade 1), partial tear (grade 2) and complete tear (grade).

You may have swelling, pain, tenderness and slight bruising. The pain is likely to increase after several hours of the injury, making it more difficult to move the knee.




Take a look at Sydney Swan Zak Jones being fitted with a GenuTrain S. Bauerfeind’s high-quality knee supports and braces use medical-grade compression to target the symptoms and instabilities associated with MCL injuries for all grades of tears.

We have appropriate braces dedicated to minimise the pain and swelling to help complement and facilitate the recovery processes.

The patented fabric is comfortable and flexible, allowing you to perform everyday activities without any restrictions to movement. The GenuTrain S Hinged brace is particularly good as it targets the symptoms associated with a MCL injury.




    Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee brace in aid in prevention of MCL Tears

    GenuTrain Knee Brace

    An all-round, award-winning knee brace that provides targeted support for stabilisation of the knee to aid in prevention of collateral ligament tears.

    $149.95 - Buy Now

    If your knee is weak, swollen, painful or recovering from an injury, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain knee brace will help provide you with relief and stability.

    • Integrated donning aid allows you to easily put on the knee brace
    • Soft hollow of the knee for enhanced wearing comfort
    • Omega pad improves neuromuscular joint stabilization
    • Meniscus wings to help relieve meniscus pain
    We recommend using the GenuTrain after recovering from a Grade 2 or Grade 3 MCL tear. It will assist with further healing, daily pain management and help prevent additional injury.
    Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3 knee brace for pain and misalignment of the kneecap often associated with MCL Tears

    GenuTrain P3 Knee Brace

    An advanced knee brace for pain and misalignment of the kneecap, often caused by injury related to sports

    $239.95 - Buy Now

    The P3 is an ideal patella knee brace. Unique 3D weave is breathable, moisture wicking and provides all day comfort.

    • Muscle-relaxing pad – Reduces sideways pulling of the kneecap to further reduce pain and relax the muscles with soothing massage
    • Patella cover – Counteracts the tilting of the patella.
    • Ring-shaped soft pad – Surrounds the kneecap to center it for stability.

    We recommend using the GenuTrain P3 after a Grade 2 or Grade 3 MCL injury and when your patella is also experiencing misalignment.

    Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3 Knee brace for chronic arthritic knee pain associated with MCL Tears.

    GenuTrain A3 Knee Brace

    An active knee brace designed especially for active seniors who need support of complex, chronic arthritic knee pain.

    $229.95 - Buy Now

    If you suffer from osteoarthritis or degenerative knee pain, the clinically developed GenuTrain A3 knee brace can provide pain relief and targeted support for your knee joint. It is also suitable to treat minor meniscal strains and micro-tears.

    • 3D Airknit technology provides breathable, moisture-wicking comfort
    • Expansion zone in the calf area makes it easier to put on
    • Anatomically shaped for a secure fit and freedom of movement

    We recommend using the GenuTrain A3 for assisting the recovery of an MCL tear, after the initial tear has healed. It provides additional massaging of the join to assist in reducing inflammation and pain associated with the knee joint.

    Bauerfeind Genutrain S Hinged knee brace for active seniors who need support and to aid in preventing MCL tears

    GenuTrain S Hinged Knee Brace

    An active knee brace designed especially for active seniors who need support of complex, chronic arthritic knee pain.

    $289.95 - Buy Now

    The hinged knee brace was engineered using Bauerfeind’s gradient compression, lateral joint splints and a viscoelastic pad to provide active protection of the knee.

    The joint splints guide the knee, providing lateral movement support while keeping the area stable. This improves sensorimotor function for maximum movement control.

    We recommend using the GenuTrain S to treat a Grade 2 or Grade 1 MCL tear. While it can be used to treat a Grade 3 tear, we recommend using the Softec Genu or the Secutec Genu in these instances.



    Elite athletes and sports players use high-quality, German-made Bauerfeind products to prevent and treat knee injuries such as MCL, ACL and LCL injuries and meniscus tears.

    Collateral ligament tears can be Grade 1, 2 or 3 depending on their severity. Take a look at how we conduct our testing for SecuTec Genu. Bauerfeind only releases a product when we are happy with the design, functionality and achieve certain minimum standards.



    In most cases, walking with an MCL tear is painful and unstable, with potential feelings of the knee ‘giving out’. Putting weight on the knee or bending it will be painful. To offset this pain you can use an appropriate knee brace that limits your range of motion. This will aid in the healing process.



    • Physical therapy. Strengthening exercises prescribed from your physiotherapist or exercise physiologist help to build muscles around the knee, easing the load on the joints and reducing pain.

    • Stretching. Lessen stiffness and reduce pain through stretching exercises.

    • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications and analgesic may be helpful for pain management.

    • Support and bracing. A Bauerfeind brace offers enhanced stability, proprioception and medical-grade compression, which targets specific joints and relieves pain.