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Enter to win $179.90 worth of cutting edge sports compression gear used by the NSW Blues. Scientifically engineered for the powerful movements of football.

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Rugby League compression stockings
Compression garments for rugby league players

We are a proud partner to the NSW Blues

Like every other blue blood, we loved game two of Origin. Now we can't wait to play a small part in Origin Three.

Are you interested in which products are being used by the Blues? Take a look.

Bauerfeind Compression Stockings - A Perfect Fit

How are Bauerfeind different to the competition? You might think you know compression, that is until you feel real medical grade compression garments, sized to fit your individual dimensions. We do not offer a one size fits all product.

When we partnered with the NSW Blues we took the time to individually measure each player using our BodyTronic 600 digital measurement system. This is the only measuring system in Australia designed to provide a 99.8% accurate measurement for the fitting of compression products.

Used by Olympians, elite athletes and now available in Australia for public use.

If you are in Sydney come by our flagship store to experience this cutting edge technology first hand.

Terms and Conditions