Knee Support For Gym


Gym exercises such as squats, lunges, leg extensions, uphill treadmill running and other deep knee flexion movements can cause additional pressure and stress to the knee cap, which can lead to pain or knee injury.

Wearing a Bauerfeind knee compression sleeve such as a Sports Knee Support or GenuTrain can enhance the stability of the knee joint and improve the blood circulation.

The medical-grade compression in Bauerfeind Knee braces and supports aids in eliminating lactic acid after a workout which causes cramps and reduces the recovery rate time.

The 3D knit weave is moisture-wicking and breathable, unlike most neoprene sleeves. 

If you are recovering from an advanced knee injury or hitting the gym after a previous knee injury, we recommend wearing a Bauerfeind brace such as Genutrain, Genutrain P3 or Genutrain A3.

Knee braces offer enhanced support, aid in the mobility of the joint and improve proprioception. The viscoelastic massaging pads in Bauerfeind braces massage the joints during movement aiding in faster recovery. 



Since weightlifting at the gym has one of the highest rates of knee injuries, professional weightlifters use GenuTrain at the gym to dissipate the pressure from the knees when lifting.

Take a look at Yu Hsiang wearing two Genutrain knee braces in both his legs when lifting to prevent any potential knee injuries. 

Investing in a good knee support can protect your knees from injuries which can keep you on the bench for months. 


The Best Knee Support For Gym

Bauerfeind GenuTrain knee brace pain relief and stabilisation of the knee in the gym

GenuTrain Knee Brace

An award-winning knee brace that provides targeted support for pain relief and stabilisation of the knee.

$149.95 - BUY HERE

If your knee is weak, swollen, painful or recovering from an injury, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain knee brace will help provide you with relief and stability.

  • Integrated donning aid allows you to easily put on the knee brace
  • Soft hollow of the knee for enhanced wearing comfort
  • Three-dimensional active knit for an ideal fit and optimal neuromuscular joint stabilization
  • Omega pad improves neuromuscular joint stabilization
  • Meniscus wings to help relieve meniscus pain
  • Hoffa pads provide pressure relief
  • Fits either leg the same version can be used for right and left
  • Moisture wicking fabric for all day comfort

Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3 knee brace for pain and misalignment of the knee while working out in the gym.

GenuTrain P3 Knee Brace

An advanced knee brace for pain and misalignment of the kneecap, often caused by injury at the gym from weightlifting. 

$239.95 - BUY HERE

The GenuTrain P3 is ideal for pain caused by misalignment of the kneecap (patellar lateralisation), femoropatellar pain syndrome (anterior knee pain), ACL and MCL injury or pain associated with patellar tip syndrome. 

  • Muscle-relaxing pad – Reduces sideways pulling of the kneecap to further reduce pain and relax the muscles with soothing massage
  • Corrective guide – Stops your kneecap from drifting outward to relieve discomfort and help healing without loss of mobility.
  • Patella cover and ring-shaped soft pad– Surrounds the kneecap to center it for stability and counteracts the tilting of the patella.
  • Corrective strap – can be individually adjusted for optimal kneecap control.

Bauerfeind Genutrain A3 Knee Brace to support chronic knee pain experienced in the gym.

GenuTrain A3 Knee Brace

An active knee brace designed especially for active seniors who need support of complex, chronic arthritic knee pain.

$229.95 - BUY HERE

If you suffer from osteoarthritis or degenerative knee pain, the clinically developed GenuTrain A3 knee brace can provide pain relief and targeted support for your knee joint. 

  • 3D Airknit technology provides breathable, moisture-wicking comfort
  • Expansion zone in the calf area makes it easier to put on
  • Anatomically shaped for a secure fit and freedom of movement

"Fantastic knee brace! Worth every dollar. I had medial meniscus damage, requiring taping for exercise. Now I don’t need any tape, this brace does it all and more. I can really notice the support and gentle pressure massage this brace provides." - Blake

Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support to improve circulation and muscle regeneration while working out in the gym.

Sports Knee Support

The Bauerfeind sports knee brace improves circulation and stimulates muscle regeneration around the knee.

$129.95 - BUY HERE

Get effective protection against excessive strain during sporting activity with the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support. The controlled compression improves the knee’s ability to maintain maximum movement stability during sporting activities.

  • Light and airy knitted fabric makes it extremely comfortable to wear
  • Innovative pad for absorbing pressure peaks
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Anatomically shaped for a secure fit and freedom of movement
  • Machine washable
  • The sports knee brace will fit the left or right leg
  • Uses Bauerfeind's medical grade compression technology, adapted for sporting use

Bauerfeind Sports knee strap for patella tendon pain experienced while working out in the gym.

Sports Knee Strap

A knee strap for the targeted relief of the patellar tendon during intense running and jumping sports.

$69.95 - Buy Here

Train longer, harder and pain-free with the scientifically targeted support of the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Strap.

  • Compression can be adjusted to individual needs, evenly tightened on both sides
  • Non-slip and comfortable fit with every movement
  • Durable, toxic-free product
  • Anatomically shaped for a secure fit and freedom of movement
  • Machine washable


Elite players and gym-goers use Bauerfeind's high-quality, German-made braces to prevent and treat common knee injuries. This video shows how the GenuTrain is built and its mechanism of action in supporting the knee. The anatomically contoured omega pad and 3D knit provide comfort and stability for the knee. If you can't visit us in store for getting 3D measured, watch this video as a guide to measure yourself at home using a measuring tape. The Genutrain is recommended for general knee support, at the gym , basketball, running, tennis, walking, hiking, and more.



Weightlifting puts a lot of load and strain onto your knees and ankles, which help with stabilising your feet and legs. A knee brace can massage the surrounding muscles and provide further support to the knee joint.

  • Strains or Sprains. Many strains and sprains can be treated with the RICE method: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. A good physiotherapist can assist with the recovery as well. If the strain is more severe it may require surgery.
  • Ligament Tearing. Ligament tears generally always require surgery. A torn ligament rebuild uses a graft of tissue, as the ligament will not typically heal properly otherwise. Surgery is minimally invasive, however it can take time for the tear to heal.

    Play it safe: Consult a doctor if you experience unusually intense and persistent ankle pain.