Speed Up Your Post-Natal Recovery

Pregnancy is an extremely exciting time, however is often accompanied by some less desirable developments, such as heavy swollen ankles and calves, carpel tunnel, weakened core and back pain.

Fortunately, prevention and treatment are extremely simple, safe and natural, with compression socks, stockings and back supports from Bauerfeind.

What causes the swelling and body pains?

During pregnancy, anywhere between 20-50% more blood circulates through your body, causing greater work for the veins. On top of this, the womb is constantly producing the hormone progesterone, creating more elasticity in the veins. More elastic veins can prevent them from closing properly, which can result in greater levels of blood accumulating in the veins, thus producing a swelling effect (mostly in the feet, ankles, calves, and wrists).

Furthermore, the growing belly increases the pressure on pelvic veins, impairing the return of blood to the heart (which can result in the formation of varicose veins). This growing belly also brings with it a number of body aches and pains, particularly experienced in the back.

Bauerfeind sports knee supports are suitable for a range of sports injuries specific to knee injuries such as meniscus tears, patella fractures, patella tendonitis, osgood schlatters and PCL/MCL tears.


Mother with pregnancy belt sitting young child

Why is compression perfect for you?

Whether it be during or post pregnancy, caesarean, or natural birth, our compression wear encourages the flow of blood around the body, preventing it from stagnating in the one area (which can cause swelling, pain, and other health complications), through the application of graduated pressure against your muscles.

For both caesarean and natural birth, by increasing circulation to the area under the compression, the damaged tissue experiences a greater immune response by receiving more blood, nutrients, and oxygen, thus speeding up the healing time, and faster removal of the enzymes which cause inflammation, fluid retention and soreness.

Post-partum back pain, swelling and circulation problems have the potential to produce varicose veins as well as serious health problems such as blood clots or deep vein thrombosis. Compression tights will improve circulation to help prevent or reduce these problems.

Furthermore, our back supports deliver cross compression and support to both your abdominal and pelvic muscles, which helps provide the core support missing, to relieve the stress from your back.

What Do We Recommend?

LumboTrain Back Brace for Post-Natal Recovery

LumboTrain Lady Back Brace

Active back support for the muscular stabilisation of the lumbar spine. Engineered for comfort with an anatomical fit.

$299.95 - Buy Here

The LumboTrain Lady back brace has been developed to provide better posture, pain relief and comfort to women.

The brace features anatomical contouring that conforms to the curves of the female body for excellent wearing comfort.

Integrated into the brace is a unique triangle cushion pad which provides a massaging effect to relieve pain and reduce lower back tension.

The LumboTrain Lady back brace is ideal for lower back pain and sprains, mild herniated disc, muscular weakness and mild lumbar degeneration.

SacroLoc Back Brace for Post-Natal Recovery and pain relief in the pelvis and SI joint

SacroLoc Back Brace

A premium sacroiliac joint back brace for immediate pain relief on the pelvis and SI joint. Exceptional wearing comfort, even when sitting.

$349.95 - Buy Here

Designed using breathable Airknit technology, viscoelastic cushion pads massage trigger points around the sacroiliac joints for soothing pain relief. Stimulating blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the lower back, helping the healing process.

  • Pressure-reduced edge for comfort without constriction.
  • 3D Airknit technology provides breathable, moisture-wicking comfort
  • Anatomically shaped for a secure fit and freedom of movement
  • Easy to put on and remove


Bauerfeind VenoTrain Compression Stockings for Post Natal Recovery to stimulate circulation and relieve stress on the veins. Thigh high, open toe stockings in black.

VenoTrain Open Toe Compression Stocking

VenoTrain Open Toe compression stockings stimulate circulation and relieve stress on the veins. Ideally suited for business, travel, preventive care and pregnancy.

$139.95 - Buy Here

VenoTrain Micro stockings provide controlled, gradient compression with maximum pressure at the ankles, decreasing gradually up the leg. This stimulates blood circulation to help prevent varicose veins and tires, achy legs. Made with 50% microfibre, the moisture-wicking material is breathable, soft and gentle on your skin.

  • Microfibre knit is breathable and extremely comfortable
  • True medical grade compression (20-30mmHg)
  • Comfort heel and wide supportive band for dynamic, all-round comfort
  • Protects against varicose veins


Bauerfeind MalleoTrain ankle support for ankle pain and post pregnancy recovery

MalleoTrain Ankle Support

An ankle brace for treatment of a sore ankle following injury, surgery or due to arthritis.

$129.95 - Buy Here

The MalleoTrain ankle brace employs scientifically targeted support to reinforce the stability and strength of your ankle joint. It delivers medical grade compression to improve your circulation which fastens the healing process. Two soft pads are integrated on each side which become active as you move by massaging the ankle joint to reduce swelling.

  • 3D Airknit technology provides moisture-wicking, breathable comfort
  • Compression reduced edges divert pressure at ends
  • Anatomically shaped for a secure fit and freedom of movement

While our Baurfeind’s 3d body imaging ensures our compression wear and braces are fitted exactly to your measurements, this allows for swelling in ankles and calves, due to the elastic design – providing you with comfortable, dependable protection and pain relief during and after your pregnancy.