Tips To Keep In Mind To Stay Safe And Have Maximum Fun On The Slopes

1.Take lessons

The better your technique, the less chance you will put undue strain on your joints.

2. Set your bindings correctly

Skiers using incorrectly adjusted skis and bindings are eight times more likely to suffer injury. When hiring skis, know your weight in kilograms, and be honest about your ability.

3. Take a rest day

The highest risk of accident is after 3pm on the third day of your holiday. This is because muscle fatigue reaches its peak 48 hours after you start your holiday.

4. Stay Hydrated

Its best to drink water while you are exercising.

5. Control your weight

The heavier you are, the more strain you are putting on your knees.

6. Keep within your comfort zone

Staying in control is good.

7. Don't drink alcohol at lunchtime

It slows your reactions and makes you more reckless.

8. Know your signage

Stay true to your skiing abilities

9. Invest in a quality support or brace

A compression brace from Bauerfeind can prevent your knee from buckling while preventing and treating ACL, MCL, PCL and meniscus injury.

Reference - Jonathan Bell, orthopaedic consultant – – Ski Club of Great Britain