Warm Up Checklist


Warm-ups don’t have to be long or complicated –simply, help your muscles and joints prepare for the session ahead.

1. Start off with some light, aerobic movement for a few minutes. This can be as simple as going for a brisk walk, slowly jogging or a combination of jogging, walking and even skipping. This movement will help elevate your heart rate and get the blood pumping.

2. Next, take a few minutes to stretch or roll. Even a quick stretch can help reduce muscle tightness and allow you to move at your best.

3. Strides: start with a few short strides (try 60-100m) to gradually build up your speed. These strides can also be a good time to focus on your technique before you get too tired.

Over time you’ll begin to notice which stretches and exercises are most helpful for reducing tightness and increasing range of motion.



  • Leg swings: find a support, such as a wall or fence, to help you keep your balance and stand side on. Swing the leg closest to the support back and forward. Repeat 8-10 times per leg. You can also face the support, use both hands to balance then swing your leg across your body.
  • Side-to-side twists: stand with your legs out and lift your arms out to the side before slowly rotating side to side. Just rotate until you can feel some tightness – don’t try and push it to hard! Gradually speed up the rotations to whatever feels comfortable.
  • Walking hamstring stretch: Keep your weight on your back foot as you take a step forward and place your heel on the ground with your toes up. Bend down and ‘scoop’ as far as you can reach before stepping forward to the other leg. You should feel a slight stretch up the back of your hamstring.
  • Lunges: lunge forward as far and as deep as you can, hold for 2-3 seconds then walk forward to lunge on the other leg.