3 Reasons Everyone Should be Wearing Insoles

Experiencing a foot injury or living with foot pain can significantly impact all aspects of your life. You may not frequently think about the importance of taking care of your feet, but you should be. Here are 3 reasons everyone should be wearing insoles.

Taking care of your feet

If there are any issues with your ankles, knees, hips, back or shoulders, it’s likely your feet are partly to blame. 

Alongside stretching regularly and getting the right shoes for sport and work, a good pair of insoles can often make all the difference when it comes to not only treating any existing problems but preventing them from occurring.

Wearing insoles has also been shown to boost performance both on and off the sports field.

3 reasons everyone should be wearing insoles:

1. General health

When it comes to taking care of your body we all know the basics, exercise regularly and eat well, right? While these are great ways to take care of your health, most of us still have other factors that affect our bodies that need some kind of support or treatment.

The position of your feet while you’re standing, walking and running affects your posture and the stability of virtually every part of your body; from your ankles up to your neck and shoulders. 

Whether it’s due to genetics, work environment, previous injuries or sport, our bodies can be put out of alignment if the feet are not sufficiently supported.

By wearing the right insoles, you can help to provide great posture and stability from head to toe, to help with any ailment, mild or severe.

2. Preventing injury

There’s a saying that goes “prevention is better than the cure”. When it comes to physical issues, that’s especially true.

While none of us can predict the future to avoid anything bad happening (like most of 2020, let’s face it), you can definitely take easy and simple steps to make sure you’ve got stable and flexible joints and minimise the risk of injury - both during sports as well as day-to-day.

Having a good pair of insoles in your shoes can make the difference between stumbling a little and rupturing a ligament.

Bauerfeind insoles

Featured above: Bauerfeind Ergopad Redux Heel 2the intelligently shaped notch in the synthetic core removes pressure from the sensitive anatomical structure when you take a step. The core's polyurethane soft foam coating is gentle on the skin and provides additional cushioning for the feet when walking or running.

3. Improve balance and performance

Insoles are great for your general joint health, posture and to minimise the risk of injury, but that’s not all they’re good for.

By wearing insoles, you engage the senso-motoric function in the soles of your feet to stimulate the nerves and muscles all the way up to your lower legs. This increases your balance, as well as the ability to shift direction and position quickly. 

A good pair of insoles will also help to cushion the feet in the areas it needs, meaning reduced pain and fatigue, getting more out of each step and boosting your overall performance.

So no matter who you are, there’s plenty of reasons to have a look at insoles for your feet. Talk to your Gp, Physio or Podiatrist, or contact the helpful team at Bauerfeind and we’ll help you out.

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