4 Ways to Stay on the Slopes Longer

Skiing is a favoured past times for many people, and no matter what’s going on in the world, many of us will seek out the slopes each ski season. But the sport can also be tough on your joints, especially the knee. Whether you have an old injury or are preventing one from occurring, here are 4 ways to stay on the slopes longer and keep your knee safe and pain-free. 

Common knee injuries in skiing

While it’s great fun and always an exciting challenge to improve your form on the ski fields, the truth is most skiers have had some kind of knee injury, from meniscus wear and arthritis to a torn or ruptured ligament. 

The most common skiing injuries happen to knee. The introduction of releasable bindings has decreased the rate of leg fractures by 90 per cent in the past 30 years, but knee sprains (including ACL and/or MCL tears) account for about 30 per cent of all skiing injuries. (source)

Find out more about MCL injuries here: How long does it take to recover from an MCL injury?

This is where the SofTec Genu Knee Brace comes in, it is able to treat a wide range of issues, especially if you’ve got a ligament issue, meniscus problems or swelling/arthritis. 

4 Ways to Stay on the Slopes Longer

1. Keep the knee stable

The SofTec Genu has special hinges that work on both anatomic and mechanical points of movement. This means that not only is your knee joint unloaded on the anatomic points of your body, but mechanically you’re supported at every movement, which is ideal for skiing. The lightweight aeroplane aluminium ensures that your knee joint is well protected if you have a bad stack, collide with another skier or just have a bad landing.

2. Perfect anatomical fit

Bauerfeind spent decades conducting research to ensure that every brace is designed to perfectly fit the anatomical shape of the leg, whether staying still or in movement.

The specially shaped hinged struts and adjustable strapping means that no matter your knee, the SofTec Genu will fit you well with the right adjustments. This helps to get a great brace that fits in with your ski boots and full gear.

Man wearing the Bauerfeind SofTec Genu knee brace

3. How compression can help

World-leading medical-grade compression provides muscular stability, swelling management and blood-flow. This keeps your knee warm heading up the ski lift or when you’re waiting between runs. It also minimises the risk of straining a tendon or ligament.

The SofTec Genu is created with comfortably woven material that targets each part of your knee, the added advantage of compression is that the muscles are able to perform longer and recover faster.  

4. Support for the knee cap

Keeping your muscles well stretched and preventing tightness and cramps occurring is essential when you’re skiing, especially on those long runs.

The SofTec Genu has a specially designed gel support that keeps the kneecap moving properly, while also providing a massaging action on the patellofemoral tendon and lower quads using viscoelastic nodules.

This also acts as a gentle shock absorber, reducing the stress placed on your cartilage and meniscus.

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