Are Lopsided Hips the Cause of Back Pain

Although it may seem insignificant, lopsided hips can lead to a range of issues including discomfort, pain and long-term injury. Your hips are the basis of your back, with the position of the pelvis and hips impacting your legs, back, shoulders, neck and arms. So, if your hips are lopsided, there is a chance they are the cause of your back pain. 

Causes of lopsided hips

This uneven positioning is also known as lateral pelvic tilt, as the pelvis is lifted when the hips are off level. There is a range of different issues that can cause this problem, including:


Many people suffer from scoliosis, with most of them getting by without treatment. However, over time the hips may start to shift, and often people with mild scoliosis in childhood can develop lateral pelvic tilt in adult life.

Poor posture

Often your posture and general muscular health can put your body off-kilter. Knots and tension in the muscles, as well as stiffness and shortened muscles, can all cause an imbalance.

Structural length discrepancy

This occurs when there is a physical difference in the length of the legs. While many cases of this are grown out of during adolescence, there are adults who suffer from this disparity in length, throwing off posture of the whole body.

Spinal Misalignments

Even minor alignment issues can throw off your hip level if not treated. This can include such things as osteoporosis, arthritis, and a slipped or bulging disc. The main risk with these conditions is that they can aggravate the hips and vice versa, creating a vicious cycle.

Any misalignment in the hips not only causes posture issues but can have a heavily detrimental effect on your back, leading to pain that ranges from a mild ache to recurring nerve pain that can be excruciating.

If your hips are uneven, it is important to work on getting them level to protect yourself from pain, injury and long-term problems.

How to treat lopsided hips and reduce back pain

There are a few different ways to help balance your hips properly, depending on what the primary cause is. Below are some of the ways to address it:


Seeing a physiotherapist or chiropractor is a great way to treat any misalignment in your hips, especially if it’s chronic.

If you’ve got a history of spinal misalignment, scoliosis, or other conditions or injuries, this is the best place to start.

Massage therapy can also often help to alleviate the muscular cause, seeing a remedial massage therapist will loosen up the muscles in your hips and back and can be a great solution for milder cases.

Wearing insoles

The use of insoles is a fantastic way to restore balance to your whole body, starting from the ground up.

It is important to get the right pair for your foot and hip needs so it is advised to speak with a podiatrist, physiotherapist or insole specialist retailer. 

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Exercises and stretches

There are a wide range of exercises and stretches you can do to help strengthen the muscles supporting the hips. These exercises will ease the tension and knots in the affected area while improving flexibility.

Here is a list of some of them to try at home:

  • The 90/90 Stretch
  • Child’s pose with hand reach
  • Leg split with quadratus lumborum stretch
  • Side plank
  • Plank hip extension
  • Reverse leg raises (Standing and prone)
  • Clamshell
  • Hip abduction
  • Standing rows
Man wearing Bauerfeind back brace while walking up stairs

    Bracing and supports

    Wearing a back brace or support will assist with treating a wide range of alignment issues especially when combined with therapy and stretches. Back braces give you the best chance at restoring balance in your hips and preventing back pain.

    For milder alignment problems, the SacroLoc provides great support, while the LumboLoc Forte is ideal for almost any alignment problem.

    If you require assistance selecting the right product for your needs, book a video consultation with a Bauerfeind expert: Book Video Call, or call us on 1300 668 466

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