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"Us Queenslanders are known for being rough, tough and ready and so are Bauerfeind products" - Kevin Walters 

Most Australians will know the Queensland Maroons as one of the most successful rugby league teams in the country, especially in the past few decades. Last year over 10 million Australians watched the State of Origin, making it one of the most popular sporting events in the country!

Over the years, the players and coaches of the Maroons have come to be known for their high performance and quality. Whether or not you support them, you can’t argue that they’re one of the most elite sporting teams in Australia.

While Bauerfeind aren’t immediately recognisable to many Australians, you’ll be familiar with our results.

As the official supplier to the Olympic Games (globally) and suppliers of elite athletes and codes across the world in tennis, soccer, rugby union and UFC to name a few, chances are you’ve seen the positive effects of our braces, supports and compression with your favourite athletes.

With a world-leading reputation for compression, bracing and supports, coupled with the Maroons incredible achievements, the partnership brings together two high performance focused organisations to go even further.

As former Maroons coach Kevin Walters has said "Combining art and science, Bauerfeind medical-grade compression gear, from sleeves to knee braces, is critical in supporting muscle recovery."

Partners in elite quality

Bauerfeind have cultivated a global reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of the best supports and compression for injury, performance and rehab, used by athletes and surgeons alike the world over.

Having been developing and refining compression technology for over 90 years, the German standard in engineering is combined with the most advanced and  diverse medical technology, to ensure perfect fit anatomical compression for each and every person.

Braces Made in Germany

One key reason we lead the world in compression supports is our commitment to results. Each product is tested to the highest possible standards, with constant research meaning supports get a new generation with updated features every few years as the technology and research advances.

An athlete’s best friend

Since 2002, Bauerfeind have been the official partner of the Olympic Games. Working alongside the IOC, we’ve taken care of Olympians and Paralympians from all countries, helping them to recover faster from injury, get back to performing quicker and leave pain behind. 

Closer to home, Bauerfeind have worked alongside Australian athletes from all sports to get the most out of each performance, helping those with and without injury to give it their best.

We’ve helped out stars from the Matildas, Wallabies, Sydney Kings, Tennis Australia, UFC, MMA, A-league soccer, AFL, NRL and more.

When you look at this list coupled with the challenges this year has brought to professional athletes, it’s no surprise QLD Rugby and Bauerfeind have partnered to help players perform at their best.

Kevin Walters puts it best when he said "with the State of Origin being hosted after the grand final, the recovery of our Queensland Maroons players is more important than ever."  

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What makes Bauerfeind different?

Each and every product has it’s own benefits however the below outlines a few key features which make Bauerfeind products different from our competitors:

Ultra-breathable weave: All our compression and supports are made from a special type of knit fabric that vents heat more effectively than any other support around. The air-knit construction pulls hot air and sweat off the skin and keeps the skin and body from overheating.

Medical-grade: Bauerfeind products all adhere to medical-grade standards. We have been making compression since 1929 and have contributed to pioneering the field. This is what draws doctors and medical teams from, sporting codes across the world, to Bauerfeind.

Durable and hardy: German engineering is synonymous with quality that lasts, and this is clear in our products. High quality materials made and hand-finished in our factory in Germany to provide the best support and a quality product that will last. 

Perfect fit: The anatomic fit of our products, based off over half a million measurements, mean you’ve got the best fit for your body so the product stays in place and does it’s job, so you can do yours.

Here are links to some of the products the QLD Maroons are using:

Man wearing Bauerfeind upper leg and lower leg compression sleeves

    For the 2020 State of Origin series, Bauerfeind ANZ has partnered with the Queensland Maroons to provide the squad with cutting edge medical-grade compression, braces and supports. 

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    Bauerfeind products are developed at our innovation and manufacturing facility in Zeulenroda, Germany. Based on years of scientific research, our award-winning braces and support garments are highly recommended by medical professionals and athletes worldwide.

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