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Like any exercise program, HIIT can take a toll on your joints. The risks of pulls, strains and sprains are especially high when you push yourself to dig deep and “give 110 per cent” like you do with HIIT workouts. Luckily, the right compression can protect you during exercise and also aid in a speedy recovery. So, what is the best compression for HIIT workouts? Read on!

What is HIIT?

“High-Intensity Interval Training” is an exercise category referring to short bursts of max-intensity exertion followed by brief periods of low-intensity activity or rest. The person performing the workout is encouraged to focus on proper form and speed of each exercise in a given circuit. These “sprints” are repeated over and over until the person is too exhausted to continue.

Why is HIIT so effective?

Short bursts of intense activity burn more calories and increase anaerobic muscle building and development. When done properly, weight loss and improved muscle mass can often be seen in just a few weeks.

How can compression help during a HIIT workout?

A quality, medical-grade support can be the difference between finishing your workout strong or potentially suffering an injury.

The Bauerfeind Sports product line is designed specifically for athletes performing intense bursts of exercise. Made in Germany with the same quality craftsmanship that Bauerfeind is known for, the Bauerfeind sports supports are 30% lighter for a cooler, more comfortable workout.

Man wearing Bauerfeind Compression Sleeves

How does compression work?

As blood in the veins constantly works against gravity to flow back to the heart, anything which impedes this process – such as weakness in the walls of the veins, circulation problems, or lack of movement, especially after injury or surgery when extended rest is likely to be prescribed, can create swelling (particularly in the leg, ankles and feet), aches, leg fatigue, or even worse – blood clotting.

Compression garments work to apply a graduated pressure on the muscle. In turn, this encourages blood flow around the body, preventing it from stagnating in the one area.

By increasing circulation to the area under the compression, the damaged tissue experiences a greater immune response by receiving more blood, nutrients, and oxygen, thus speeding up the healing time and faster removal of the enzymes which cause inflammation, fluid retention and soreness.

Best compression for HIIT workouts?

A compression sleeve worn on the lower leg will strengthen the muscles through powerful targeted compression. The leg muscles receive a better supply of oxygen, continue to perform more effectively and regenerate faster. 

But compression isn't just for the lower legs, upper legs and arm sleeves can also be worn. Additionally, compression socks can be worn to support the lower leg and are particularly useful for runners. Tip: compression socks can help manage the symptoms of shin splints!

Stimulating blood circulation also causes the lower leg muscles to quickly heat up, which makes them better protected against injury. The compression also reduces uncomfortable muscle vibrations in the calf, thus preventing premature fatigue.

This same theory can be applied to arm compression sleeves worm on the arm, upper thigh

Bauerfeind products are developed at our innovation and manufacturing facility in Zeulenroda, Germany. Based on years of scientific research, our award-winning braces and support garments are highly recommended by medical professionals and athletes worldwide.

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