Lucia doing the Bird Dog workout for core strength. She is wearing Bauerfeind's Sports Back support.


The bird dog is a bodyweight exercise that strengthens the core. Since it requires no equipment other than a mat, you can easily integrate it into your back rehab or core strengthening routine.


The benefits of bird dog 

Bird dog activates the erector spinae, rectus abdominis, and glutes, which are vital for stability and control. It’s a great exercise for aligning and strengthening your spine, helping improve posture and alleviate back pain. 


How to do the bird dog



  1. Find a spot with enough space to extend an arm and leg simultaneously. Kneel on an exercise mat with your knees hip-width apart and hands firmly on the ground, about shoulder-width apart. Activate your core.
  2. Point one arm out straight in front and extend the opposite leg behind you, forming a straight line from your extended hand to your extended foot. Keep your hips squared to the ground. If your lower back begins to sag, raise your leg as high as possible while keeping the back straight.
  3. Hold for a few seconds, then return to the starting position. Keep your abs engaged throughout the entire exercise, and work to minimise extra motion in your hips during the weight shift.
  4. Switch to the other side.
  5. Aim to complete five reps on each side or 10 reps total. Add additional sets of 10 for a maximum of three sets of 10. As a variation, you can do a set of 5 bird dogs on one side, then switch to the other side to complete a set.

    Support your back while doing the bird dog pose

    The Bauerfeind Sports Back Support can help stabilise and massage your back while doing this exercise.

    • Compression reduces the rate of muscle fatigue 
    • It improves your awareness of how you activate your core muscles
    • And it helps protect the lumbar from harm


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      About Lucia Schauerhammer:

      Lucia guides you through some strong single exercises from the comfort of your home. The body weight exercises are designed to work your abs, legs and arms. With a background in track and field she knows which exercises are the most effective to train muscular strength, low-impact flexibility and endurance. Ready? Let’s get started!


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