Catch and Release Wrist Throws: at-home strength exercise. Man holding one arm out, stretching his hand backwards

The catch and release exercise strengthens the hand, wrist, and forearm muscles. As it works these muscle groups without putting much strain on the joints, it’s a great rehabilitative exercise following an elbow or wrist injury. 



Physiotherapists strongly recommend exercises like this following injury. They promote muscle retraining, boost oxygen and nutrient delivery to damaged tissues, and, of course, build strength in the joint’s support muscles. Exercise is best continued even after the symptoms have gone away.

The catch and release specifically targets the forearm, wrist, and elbow, making it a good choice following injury to those areas. 


How to do the catch and release exercise


If you have injured your elbow, the support and compression provided by the EpiTrain Elbow Support can help during rehabilitation. Additionally, if you are experiencing pain or tenderness in your wrist, the ManuTrain Wrist Support is ideal for mild to moderate arthritis, joint pain, post-op recovery, sprains and swelling.

  • Compression knit fabric activates the muscle to support the joint 
  • It works with the brace’s massage pads to relieve pain
  • Compression also boosts circulation and reduces swelling 

Woman wearing Bauerfeind elbow support for elbow pain after injury

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