Down To The Wire: In Origin, every minute counts

In the State of Origin, every second counts. It's always been a game of inches, with players bringing everything they've got onto the field. 

In that kind of environment, every little effort counts, and the players' ability to recover between games and get the most out of their performance is crucial.

And when the mantra is train hard, play harder, compression can make the decisive change.



Queensland maroons training on the field. with some wearing Bauerfeind sports compression products

There's no room for slacking when the players hit the field for SOO. Every step and movement has to be full of power and precision, and any hesitation or flagging effort will open the gap for the opposition to score.

The Queensland Maroons use Bauerfeind compression, braces, and supports for recovery and training to ensure they leave nothing to chance. 

We have a global reputation for world-leading compression and supports. Our anatomically shaped sleeves provide targeted compression, boosting blood flow to supply the muscle with the oxygen and nutrients it needs to work harder for longer and bounce back quicker. On top of that, compression knit communicates directly with the muscle, ensuring maximum efficiency.

From calf sleeves to recovery socks, you can go the extra mile in your workouts - and recover faster, too.



80 minutes of near non-stop action opens players up to muscle fatigue and pretty gnarly repetitive stress injuries that can put them off their game (or take them off the field).

When sprinting just a little longer to make a pass or reacting just a little faster to evade a tackle can mean the difference between winning or losing, quality compression is key. 

So along with wearing compression during training recovery, the Queensland Maroons pull on their sleeves on game day. 



Bauerfeind's Technician posing for a photo with the Maroon's coach, Billy Slater

Like the Maroons, we always aim to go the extra mile. Our partnership with this legendary team means our specialists are always on standby. 

We're ready to assist with last-minute sports compression orders and advise on medical braces in case of injury. 

Top-of-the-line products, top-notch service: that's why we're trusted by elite athletes, recreational players, and regular fitness lovers worldwide.

For assistance selecting the right product for your needs, contact us via live chat or call us on 1300 668 466.

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Bauerfeind products are developed at our innovation and manufacturing facility in Zeulenroda, Germany. Based on years of scientific research, medical professionals and athletes worldwide highly recommend our award-winning braces and support garments.

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