Five Tips for Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

Sore muscles, stiff joints and cramps are well-known to exercisers everywhere! Getting the blood pumping and working up a sweat can feel great however, often the downside is barely being able to walk the next day. Luckily, there are some ways to combat the fatigue - here are five tips for post-workout muscle recovery.


Pushing ourselves physically is one of the best ways to improve our fitness and build muscle. But it leaves us at risk of DOMS (delayed onset muscle syndrome), which causes stiffness and aching in the muscles and joints in the days following high levels of exercise.

These aches and pains often stop us from maintaining a regular exercise routine, especially if we’re looking to get back into a regular habit.

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Five Tips for Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

1. Compression

Muscle compression is not a new concept, it has been used for centuries as a method of recovery and treatment for muscle fatigue and damage.

Most people wear tights or activewear while they’re exercising, however medical-grade compression is what’s needed for effective recovery during and after exercise.

By increasing blood-flow to the muscles themselves, minimising muscle vibration in active movement and activating and strengthening core muscles, compression garments not only minimise the risk of DOMS, but they also help you to get more out of each workout.

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2. Warming down

As you exercise, blood pumps faster around your body and reaches into your muscles, helping them to warm up and expand so they can move and perform at a high level.

When you finish exercising, this process stops fairly quickly and the muscles cool down. If you try to push it physically during this period, you’re at risk of damaging or straining the muscles.

Once you’ve finished your workout, slowly warm down the muscles with targeted stretches (using a foam roller if you have one!), light cardio and controlled breathing. These steps will ease your muscles back to their normal state and minimise the risk of strain or cramping.

3. Diet

Diet has a profound effect on how our bodies function and perform during exercise.

To assist with boosting muscle recovery, it is recommended to cut down on saturated fats, salt and sugar and eat food such as:

  • Nuts and legumes
  • Flax, chia, pumpkin and sunflower seeds
  • Wholegrain bread
  • Watermelon

4. Flexibility

Improving flexibility in your limbs and muscles can help to reduce soreness post-workout. When the ligaments and tendons have more movement in them, they're less likely to become stiff and strain the larger muscles.

Incorporating Yoga into your exercise routine, especially at the end of the workout, is a great way to build this flexibility.

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5. Hydration

This is a basic one, but when your body is dehydrated, it suffers. Dehydration also leads to cramping and soreness in the muscles.

It's important to stay hydrated during the workout with sips between reps and at the end of sets. And if you have worked up a sweat, drinking an ion based drink that replaces the electrolytes and sodium lost is a good way to reduce the risk of additional cramps and soreness.

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