knee braces for arthritis relief

“A3” stands for Anti, Arthrosis, Algos, which means “against joint pain” in Latin.

There are a number of features within the GenuTrain A3 that work together to target Osteoarthritis, including our specialised knit fabric, viscoelastic pad, and side straps.

GenuTrain A3 knee brace for walkers

Soft Knit Fabric (1): The three-dimensional fabric conforms to the natural shape of the knee, so the knee is still mobile but gets the stability it needs. The fabric is also breathable for high wearing comfort.

Viscoelastic Pad (4 & 5): Targets inflammation and relieves pain. The viscoelastic pad is a functional cushion within the knit fabric that sits around the kneecap. It gives the joint and muscles a targeted, healing intermittent compression massage on every movement. The pad also helps prevent the kneecap from slipping.

Side Straps (3): As fingers can be riddled with arthritis, you’re able to easily pull up the GenuTrain A3 with the side straps. There is also the expansion zone in the calf area, makes the support easier to put on.

Many people over 60 also suffer from elbow and shoulder arthritis. Bauerfeind have a wide range of supports and braces that will assist in arthritic pain relief in other areas of your body.

Functioning in a similar way to the GenuTrain A3, The EpiTrain elbow support is made of Bauerfeind’s special knit fabric with the built-in viscoelastic pads to target joint pain in the elbow.

Bauerfeind’s OmoTrain shoulder braces have a unique design that guides and centres the arm in the socket so the shoulder maintains proper natural movement without impacting mobility. It supports you during movements such as lifting your arm – a common, painful experience for sufferers of shoulder arthritis.

The full pain-relieving effect of the support is produced during movement, targeting stiffness caused by arthritis. As you move, the OmoTrain support activates the muscles and gives an intermittent massage on the soft tissues. You can also use a removable pad for additional massage effect on specific pain spots too.

The shoulder support is easy to put on and take off thanks to its high elasticity, and it is secured to your upper body with a soft strap.

Why Bauerfeind Supports and Braces are the Best Option 

A study conducted by the Institute for Sports and Sports Science at the University of Freiburg, Germany (Gollhofer study), found that when wearing the GenuTrain knee brace, 2/3 of patients with osteoarthritis experienced significantly reduced pain and 90% felt improved knee stability.

The Arthritis Foundation awarded the GenuTrain knee brace its “Ease of Use” commendation, a certification that recognises products proven to make life easier for people who have arthritis and other physical limitations.


using a knee brace to relieve arthritic pain

The symptoms of arthritis, including inflammation, soreness and stiffness are targeted with Bauerfeind’s high-quality, medical-grade compression supports and braces. Endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation and arthritic sufferers, get relief and support today with a Bauerfeind brace.

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