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You may have heard of an ACL injury, they are particularly common for those who play sports which involve sudden stops and changes, jumping and landing - such as downhill skiing, all types of football, basketball, netball and soccer. An ACL injury requires specific rehabilitation so how long should you wait to run after a torn ACL? Find out! 

What is an ACL injury?

An ACL injury is a tear or sprain of the anterior cruciate ligament — one of the major ligaments in your knee. 

How to manage pain from a torn ACL

  • Regularly apply ice packs in the first few days to the affected area to help reduce swelling and pain.
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises, especially for your quadriceps and knee muscles. Your doctor can recommend a physical therapist to escalate your recovery.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications and analgesic may be helpful.
  • Severe or persistent pain should be investigated by your doctor.
  • For more advanced meniscus injuries, surgery may be recommended by your doctor.

Play it safe: Consult a doctor if you experience unusually intense and persistent knee pain.

How a knee brace can help with ACL injuries

If you are playing a sport which requires a sudden change of direction, pivoting movements and frequent starting and stopping, you are prone to an ACL tear. To help prevent injury we recommend wearing a knee brace which is designed to stabilise the knee whilst still allowing movement. Such as a sports performance knee support or Genutrain knee brace.  

Should you require ACL reconstruction surgery, which is a knee surgery typically conducted to replace or cut out the anterior cruciate ligament. Post-op physical rehabilitation is crucial to strengthen the knee and restore mobility.

The SecuTec Genu is produced from aeroplane aluminium, making it sturdy yet very light-weight. It is specifically designed to externally stabilise the knee immediately after a severe ligament injury or operation. With adjustable straps, the SecuTec Genu is suitable for all stages of recovery.

Aside from knee protection, the medical-grade compression in Bauerfeind's knee braces will enhance your performance and improve muscle recovery.

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How long should you wait to run after a torn ACL?

When returning to running after a torn ACL it is always advised to follow your doctors' advice, ultimately you should wait until the knee is completely pain-free and you are confident the cartilage has healed. Wearing a knee brace while you are transitioning back into running will help support and protect the ligaments while reducing pain. 

If you have had surgery, it is best to avoid running for at least 10 to 12 weeks. As directed by your surgeon, a few months after surgery, you will start rehabilitation and functional training that may involve running. All in all, it will be at least a few months before you can start running again.

What about walking with a torn ACL?

Many people with a torn meniscus or ACL can walk and complete daily exercises with no major restrictions. It is important to see a medical specialist to get it treated right away so you can resume pain-free normal activity as soon as possible.  

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