Interview: Wrist injury no match for Olympic dream

While the Olympic Games are a highlight of the global sporting calendar for fans and athletes alike, the event holds a special place in the heart of Australian volleyballer Harry Peacock who cites qualifying for the London Olympics as part of “a young team that no one really expected to qualify” as his greatest achievement.

But his preparation for the upcoming Tokyo Games was dealt a serious blow after rupturing his scapholunate ligament while warming up for a game in Canada earlier this year.

“I had an overuse injury in my wrist that had been around for a few years and wasn’t really getting better. I was warming up when I spiked a ball and straight away felt a lot of instability in my wrist.”

Despite the injury ruling him out of an Olympic qualifying tournament and a professional contract in Berlin, Germany, he's doing everything he can to get back out on the court, with his sights firmly set on the Tokyo Olympic Games next year.

After several weeks in a cast and other braces post-surgery, we helped Harry out with a ManuLoc wrist brace which immobilises the wrist while still allowing movement through the fingers and thumb.

“I needed to wear the brace 24 hours a day and had a lot of problems with [my original brace] as it quickly became uncomfortable and started to irritate my wrist. The Bauerfeind wrist brace was instantly more comfortable and seemed to have a better fit for the contours of my wrist.” “It almost felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all – not to mention it was much better looking!”

Harry Peacock Wrist Injury Rehab

With a tight timeline to return for the Tokyo Games, the ManuLoc has allowed Harry to “progress much faster” with his rehab. He will soon be moving to the ManuTrain brace to allow for greater movement and mobility while maintaining much-needed support as the injury continues to recover.

“[The ManuLoc] has already impacted my recovery substantially – I’m looking forward to seeing the impact [the ManuTrain wrist support] has.”

We look forward to watching Harry tear up the court in Tokyo next year and wish him a fast and steady recovery.


As an official partner of the Olympic Games Organising Committee, Bauerfeind is proud to support Australian athletes on their journey to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. #motionislife

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