How this Compression is an Athletes Secret Weapon

When it comes to sport, everyone is looking to improve their performance, from weekend warriors to gold-medal Olympians competing on the world stage. While there is a range of things that can be done to boost your efforts, is medical grade compression an athletes secret weapon, and can it be one of the most effective ways to improve performance and reduce recovery time? 

While there are a bunch of brands who sell compression tights and sleeves, the distinction between your normal sports compression and medical grade is a huge one.

What is medical grade compression anyway?

Medical grade compression is a specific standard of compression that applies set levels of pressure on different parts of the body to promote blood flow and stabilise the muscles.

This differs to normal compression tights and sleeves in that it has been definitively medically tested to enhance and improve circulation and blood flow through the body, bringing oxygen to the muscles more quickly.

Medical grade compression also provides muscular stability, minimising muscle vibration and reducing fatigue. It is also used extensively in recovery both in sports and medicine. Elite athletes use compression to speed up their recovery and get the most of their workouts and preparation, as well as on the field.

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How medical-grade compression is an athletes secret weapon

Almost a century of medical research into the effects of compression on the venous and muscular system has helped us at Bauerfeind to understand the benefits of compression in performance.

Applying a medical-grade level of compression (between 18-32 mmHG or milligrams Mercury, for you medical nerds out there) when fit anatomically, the compression boosts your circulation and has a whole lot of benefits, such as:

  • Minimised swelling
  • Muscle stability
  • Quicker recovery from fatigue
  • Minimal muscle vibration
  • Faster healing of strain and tears in the muscles
  • The greater output of energy by the muscles
  • Enhanced proprioception

While this shows just how beneficial medical compression is to you physically, wearing supports or compression can help you mentally focus on movement more, and improve the sense of confidence with each movement.

Man wearing Bauerfeind upper leg compression and lower leg compression

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Why Bauerfeind?

Bauerfeind has been researching and developing compression garments since we started back in 1929. Over 90 years of testing, refining and clinical research and results have led us to produce world-leading compression garments.

This combination of German engineering, medical research and quality comfort manufacturing is the reason Bauerfeind is used across the world. As official partners of the Olympic Games, we supply athletes from across the world with this unparalleled support.

By taking the best of what we’ve learnt in our medical supports and compression stockings, we’ve created a range of sports compression garments that help you get the most out of each and every movement on the field. Comfortable anatomic fit-weave and ultra-breathability with a lightweight construction come together to empower and enhance your performance, no matter the level you’re at.

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Bauerfeind products are developed at our innovation and manufacturing facility in Zeulenroda, Germany. Based on years of scientific research, our award-winning braces and support garments are highly recommended by medical professionals and athletes worldwide.

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