Thomas Roehler doing jumping jacks. He is wearing Bauerfeind's Sports Compression Thigh Sleeves

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Jumping jacks are full-body cardio workout. They’re a great addition to a warm-up routine and a good way to get your blood pumping during a busy workday. Here are the exercise’s benefits and how to do it right.



Jumping jacks work almost every muscle in your body, though they focus most on the quads, glutes, calves, and lateral deltoids.

As a cardiovascular workout, jumping jacks can help you build endurance and will warm you up before your workout. 

Some research also suggests that jumping jacks - along with other jumping exercises - can increase bone density. 




  1. Stand up straight on a yoga or exercise mat or any spot on the floor that isn’t slippery. 
  2. Jump up and simultaneously fling your arms and legs out to the sides to create an x shape.
  3. Land softly in that position. Pull your arms and legs back to the start position on the next jump. 
  4. Remember not to let your arms fall all the way down to your side. Focus on your form and keep tension in your arms, legs, and core while you do these jumping jacks.
  5. Stay on your toes throughout the exercise.
  6. Complete 10-15 repetitions before taking a break, or set a timer and complete as many as you can in a set period. Repeat as your ability allows.


Bauerfeind’s Sports Compression Thigh Sleeves provide sports compression for better performance and support during workouts.

  • Compression knit fabric activates the muscle to support the joint 
  • It improves proprioception
  • And it boosts circulation, reducing the rate of muscle fatigue 


About Olympic Gold Medalist Thomas Roehler:

Thomas Roehler is a professional track and field athlete competing in the javelin throw. He is a 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist with a personal best of 93.90 m. With a passion for fitness, Thomas is showing us some of his favourite exercises to start the year with healthy habits and achieve your goals, whether you are just getting started or have been working out for a long time.

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