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When it comes to deciding the best way to treat knee pain, the options can feel overwhelming. Generally, there are two main forms of knee support. The knee strap and the knee brace, and they each have their own set of benefits. To help understand when you should use a strap or brace, below are the key differences, and some tips on which one will manage your knee pain.

Knee injury and the cause of pain

The main point of difference is the type of injury you have. Wearing a knee strap is great for more simple injuries like runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, patellofemoral pain and mild aches under the knee. 

If you’re dealing with something more severe, or you are looking to manage swelling or anything else that’s giving you trouble, bracing is the best call.

When will you be wearing the knee support?

For knee support, when you wear it is almost as important as the type of brace itself. Whether it’s a knee strap or brace, if you have had a knee injury, you should always wear support when exercising or playing sport. This will prevent further injury and treat any current issues or pain. 

One big advantage of a knee brace, over the knee strap, is that the brace will also help speed-up recovery, especially something like the GenuTrain. Due to its flexible design, the GenuTrain knee brace can be worn during exercise, to minimise fatigue and pain. And it can also be worn post-exercise, to help promote recovery and reduce swelling. 



Comfort and materials are important

Comfortable support is essential when treating an injury, especially if you’re looking to keep active while you’re recovering. A lot of support items on the market are initially effective but increasingly uncomfortable, made from neoprene and other thick overheating materials. Knee straps normally last longer due to their simple and minimal design, but again, many lose their effectiveness due to cheaper materials. 

This is where Bauerfeind has a distinct advantage. The difference is a special viscoelastic gel and breathable weave, to allow for easy and comfortable all-day wear. 

This means where normally a full brace would be too uncomfortable, the Bauerfeind knee brace can help you out. Our knee braces and knee straps are German designed and engineered, using the highest quality materials. They provide instant relief and are highly durable.

Men walking on a stairs with a knee brace/support.

Wearing knee support for constant pain

Whether you are recovering from injury, or you suffer from knee pain every day - due to your job or an old injury - it’s important to be able to recover and find relief without the treatment interrupting your lifestyle. 

The Sports Knee Strap is fairly discrete and there is a range of colours to choose from, meaning you can make it work with whatever outfit you’ve got on that day.

Knee braces tend to be larger and cover your whole knee, however, Bauerfeind uses a special flat knit weave, with a perfect fit, which means a GenuTrain knee brace can be worn underneath most clothes without being visible.

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