NDIS: Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition that affects over 25,000 Australians. A chronic disease that affects the nervous system, it often has a debilitating effect on those who have it, affecting their movement, vision, speech and more, limiting their ability to work, exercise and even perform basic tasks.

While there have been various resources to help these people over the years, the NDIS has provided a more accessible and wide-ranging support base for those with MS. 

How can the NDIS help?

The NDIS is designed to provide people affected by various disabilities with access to support and funding to help improve quality of life and accessibility.

If you’re not already on the NDIS, speak to them today to look at your eligibility for a plan and how you can get the most out of it. 

These are the four key ways the NDIS supports those with Multiple Sclerosis:

Access to specialists

From physiotherapy and specialist appointments to help with pain management as well as improving strength and stability, through to occupational therapists that can assist with cognitive disabilities and preparing you for the workforce.

The NDIS provides access to a wide network of these specialists as well as allocated funding for them.

Home assistance

For many people with MS, household tasks like washing the dishes, doing the gardening or just going to the bathroom can all become much more difficult.

The NDIS helps by providing access to assistive technology like modified bathrooms and railings, as well as gardeners and other staff who can perform the more difficult maintenance of the house.

Learn more: Benefits of Occupational Therapists and the NDIS

Daily aid

Assistive technologies doesn’t just mean railings in the bathrooms or modified handles in the house, but also covers a range of products that help with daily life.

Ranging from braces and supports to walking sticks and wheelchairs, these items can make the world much more accessible and allow for more activity.

NDIS provides regular funding to make access to these items simple and quick.

Bauerfeind are a registered NDIS provider, and have worked with specialists across the world to help those with MS through bracing and support, in particular the SofTec Genu Knee Support.

Bauerfeind SofTech Genu


Social isolation is often one of the most severely impactful changes that MS causes. Whether it’s the stigma of the condition, difficulty in getting out and about or even just the confidence to socialise, MS can make social life and community incredibly tough.

The NDIS assists in a big way here, partially by providing access to technology and therapy that makes these tasks easier, but also by connecting those affected by MS with each other as well as networking them to events, ongoing projects and other community based groups.

If you require assistance selecting the right product for your needs, book a video consultation with a Bauerfeind expert: Book Video Call, or call us on 1300 668 466.

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*Originally featured on Bauerfeind Australia: https://www.bauerfeind.com.au/blogs/news/ndis-multiple-sclerosis
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