hard frame knee brace orthosis

Using Bauerfeind’s SecuTec Genu hard frame orthosis, orthotists can now also treat knee patients with a thigh circumference of up to 72 centimeters and a lower leg circumference of up to 51 centimeters. The newly introduced size 7 can be combined with frame size 6 or size 5 for the thigh or the lower leg.

Hard frame knee brace sizing

An extension of the sizing system has now been added to the innovative features in terms of adjustability and handling. The stabilizing hard frame orthosis for the knee joint is now available in seven sizes. It can be used to cover circumferences from 38 to 72 centimeters at the thigh, and from 28 to 51 centimeters at the lower leg. The assembly kit can now be ordered to contain different frame sizes for the upper and lower leg with a difference of two consecutive sizes. With size 7, for example, knee patients with a conical leg shape can be supplied with size 7 on the thigh and size 6 or 5 on the lower leg. Athletic patients with pronounced calf muscles can wear a size 7 at the bottom, and size 6 or 5 at the top.

The SecuTec Genu stabilizes the knee joint according to the 4-point principle after cruciate ligament, collateral ligament, and meniscus injuries. Flexion and extension can be limited, up to complete immobilization. The hinges can be adjusted without tools, and the degree of limitation can be seen on the outside.

wearing a hard frame knee brace for sports injury

For the general public, the Bauerfeind SecuTec Genu is available as a special order.

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