Physiotherapists: Stay up to Date With the Latest Research

Article #1: Permission to Move: A Physical Therapist’s Secret Power

Gene Shirokobrod, CEO of RechargeXfit, describes an experience treating a particular client. The patient expressed heavy distress due to an inability to move without pain, and as Shrokobrod was performing treatment he found his method changed completely. This article is recommended to broaden an understanding of client communication on a personal level.

Article #2: 5 Behavioural Changes for Difficult Cases

If your client is struggling to commit to their physiotherapy and are experiencing mental blockages, these lifestyle suggestions by The Manual Therapist will be beneficial. Offering information, objectives and step-by-step plans, it will complement the after-care you provide.

Article #3: Knee rehabilitation needs clinical guidelines to be better understood

HealthTimes explores and compares current methods of knee rehabilitation, emphasising the need for further research, transparency and data to develop effectiveness.

“The problem with recent research and analysis is that total knee replacement rehabilitation is hampered by a lack of clear evidence based clinical guidelines with respect to overall best practice for post-surgical rehabilitation.”

Article #4: The effect of a knee brace on osteoarthritis

Bauerfeind published a study investigating the effect of a knee brace on osteoarthritis. Conducted by the Department of Sports Medicine at the University of Hamburg, they tested Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain® A3 knee brace on patients with grade 1-3 osteoarthritis of the knee. This article will allow you to discover supplementary methods of aftercare for your patients with arthritis.

Article #5: Physiotherapists are encouraged to take care of their own health on World Physical Therapy Day

Did you partake in World Physical Therapy Day on September 8? The Physiotherapy Board explains how Australia’s 31,772 registered physiotherapists need to maintain their own health and well-being in order to perform to their peak.

*Originally featured on Bauerfeind Australia:
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