man at the beach performing the plank rows exercise for shoulder and core strength

Do you want to take your planks to the next level, or are you looking for ways to strengthen your shoulder after an injury? Plank rows could be the exercise you need. From their benefits to the best technique, here's everything you need to know about plank rows.



This exercise strengthens the muscles that move and stabilise the shoulder, including the lats, rhomboids, trapezius, and rotator cuff. Hence, it’s a great exercise for building some upper back definition and will work well as part of a rehabilitation routine post shoulder injury or surgery.

Plank rows also engage the core, improving your spine’s support network and overall balance and coordination. The fact that you need to shift your centre of gravity throughout the workout adds to the challenge and improves on the benefits.



  1. Grab a couple of dumbbells (2-5 kg, depending on your ability) and get on a yoga or exercise mat.
  2. Get into the high pushup position with hands firmly gripping the dumbbell handles.
  3. Ensure your body forms a straight line from your ankles to your head. Tuck your pelvis in and activate your core by pulling your belly button toward your spine. 
  4. Raise one dumbbell off the mat by bending your elbow and pulling the dumbbell in toward your ribs.
  5. Pause briefly at the top of the motion before returning to the starting position. 
  6. Start with 8 repetitions per arm in 2-3 sets and gradually work your way up.

If you’re doing this exercise after injury, get your physiotherapist’s go-ahead before adding it to your rehab routine. While it is great for shoulder strength, it is a physically demanding workout that damaged tissues may not be ready for - depending on how much they healed.


Support your plank rows

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