Victor Radley and Sam Verills. The Product Helping Roosters Stars to Recover from ACL Injuries

Over the weekend, two Roosters NRL stars suffered ACL ruptures - an injury which is extremely common in contact sports such as football. For anyone who has suffered an ACL tear, you'll know how frustrating it can be. Find out the product helping Roosters stars to recover from ACL injuries, and how it could help you, if you are on the road to recovery. 

ACL Injuries

ACL injuries are often painful and debilitating, whether it’s a contact injury like a rough tackle, or a non-contact injury like moving quickly on uneven ground and rotating the knee.

The risk and severity of these injuries is always present in sports, whether it’s kicking the ball around with some mates in the park, or playing first grade NRL at Bankwest stadium, which is what happened not once, but twice in one night when the Sydney Roosters played against the St George Dragons. Star players Victor Radley and Sam Verills both suffered ACL ruptures in the early part of the game, sidelining them with scans confirming the worst, sidelining them for the rest of the match as well as the season.

For more on what an ACL injury is and how it can be managed: How Long You Should Wait to Run After an ACL injury

 Bauerfeind fitting Roosters stars with knee braces to help with their ACL injuries

Product helping Roosters stars to recover from ACL injuries

After co-ordinating directly with the Roosters medical/physio team, Bauerfeind arranged for the two players to come into our flagship store in the Sydney CBD to get fitted with our state-of-the-art ACL SecuTec Genu knee brace as well as the GenuTrain knee support.

By using these special fit braces alongside collaborative treatment with the Roosters medical staff and surgeons treating the players, we’re able to provide them with stability, gait improvement and oedema (swelling) management. Supporting them along the 6-9 month recovery period for this injury. This will help Victor and Sam recover, train and return to sport, and footy, quickly with confidence.

Roosters stars getting fitted with a Bauerfeind knee brace for ACL injury

How a knee brace can help with an ACL injury

The distinct advantages of the SecuTec Genu as an ACL brace cannot be overstated. Made from a lightweight aeroplane aluminium and comfortable padding that brings the weight of the entire brace to just over 1Kg, it’s perfect for everyday wear.

This knee brace is built with a sturdy construction and anatomical design, meaning you can wear it while training, exercising and even playing sport in non-contact activities. Finally, Bauerfeind’s extensive medical research and testing mean the brace is ideal for both pre and post-op to give your ligaments the best chance at recovering for a full return to active life.

 Roosters star getting fitted with a Bauerfeind knee brace after ACL injury

The GenuTrain Knee Support is perfect for swelling management and giving compressive support during and after activity, and with the Roosters boys, it means they’ve got the right support every step of their recovery, giving them the best shot they can get when next season comes around.

You don’t need to be an NRL player to get this treatment though! Bauerfeind’s staff are constantly trained and updated with the latest information directly from our colleagues at the Bauerfeind Academy in Germany, and we’re here to help you out whether it’s in person, over the phone or even through video. Book a video consultation: Book Video Call, or call us on 1300 668 466.

If you are returning to exercise or playing sport then it’s important to protect your knees, and we’ve got the right knee braces and knee supports to help you with that no matter what your knees are like. Take care on the field out there and enjoy getting back into the sports you love. 

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Bauerfeind products are developed at our innovation and manufacturing facility in Zeulenroda, Germany. Based on years of scientific research, our award-winning braces and support garments are highly recommended by medical professionals and athletes worldwide.

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