Quick Feet Cardio Exercise

The quick feet exercise focuses on the quads and calves. As a cardio workout where the speed and intensity are entirely up to you, it will work great as part of a warm-up, agility training, or rehab following an Achilles tendon injury.


The benefits of quick feet

Quick feet won’t be very effective at growing your muscles. But as a cardio workout, it’s a great addition to your warm-up routine. It will help boost your circulation and kick-start oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles. 

It will also help improve your agility and coordination, making it an excellent addition to soccer drills and other sports requiring fast footwork.


How to do the quick feet exercise

You will need a plyo box, exercise step, or other elevated surface measuring around 15 cm in height. 

  • Stand facing the exercise step with your feet spread hip-width apart
  • Activate your core by pulling your belly button toward your spine
  • Keep your spine neutral throughout the exercise
  • Step up onto the step first with one foot and then the other
  • Step down in the same fashion - first with one foot and then the other
  • Start with a 30-second set and work your way up from there
  • Start at a slow pace to get accustomed to the movement, then speed up as your ability allows


Support your quick feet 

Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Ankle Brace

AchilloTrain Ankle Brace 


If you’ve pulled or otherwise injured your Achilles tendon, it’s a good idea to offer it extra protection throughout this exercise and beyond. To do so, we’d recommend the AchilloTrain Ankle Brace. 

  • Compression knit fabric activates the muscle to support the joint 
  • It works with the braces’ massage pads to relieve pain around the tendon
  • Compression also boosts circulation and reduces swelling common to tendonitis 
  • The gel insert at the heel relieves pressure on the Achilles tendon

More information

If you require assistance selecting the right product for your needs or wearing the brace, call us on 098015660 or contact us via live chat.

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