Relieve Pain from Tennis Elbow

Whether you’ve played a game of squash, spent Saturday morning gardening, or you’ve been on the worksite, it’s likely you’ve experienced pain in your elbow that starts to flare up any time you move it. This is known as Tennis Elbow (medically known as lateral epicondylitis), a condition that causes inflammation of the tendon in your arm that runs from your elbow down to the back of your hand. Here are some tips on how to relieve the pain!

Can tennis elbow only be caused by tennis?

In short, no. There a many different activities that can cause it, including painting, typing, knitting, trade work (especially bricklaying and carpentry), raking, vacuuming, squash, weightlifting, golf and basketball.

Ironically, less than five per cent of cases are actually caused by tennis.

Due to the wide range of causes, it’s quite widespread but is especially common in people over the age of 30. The pain can vary from a general discomfort in milder cases, all the way to agonising pain in more chronic instances.

How to relieve pain from tennis elbow

Like tendinitis in any part of the body, following the RICE principle (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) is a start for treatment. 

There are some difficulties however, as you often need the use of your hand, wrist and elbow in even the most basic of daily activities. Resting your arm for a week or two without using it would be great but is not plausible for the majority of us who have work that needs to be done.

So how do you manage the symptoms of tennis elbow while you’re working, playing sports, or at home in the backyard or on the couch?

Elbow braces relieve pain

The use of supports and braces to relieve and manage the symptoms of tennis elbow is one of the most effective ways to allow for the regular use of your arm and hand without having to worry about the pain.

By providing targeted compression and massage effect, supports provide active relief and management of tendinitis for day to day life.

To help decipher which type of elbow brace or support might be right for you, here are two of the most common: 

An elbow strap

An elbow strap is designed to provide a targeted band of compression on the top of the tendon, usually incorporating a massage pad or some kind of gel support.

This works to stabilise the tendon at its beginning, minimising excess movement, while the additional massage support stimulates the tendon to loosen it, taking out tension and easing inflammation.

The EpiPoint and Sports Elbow Strap are both perfect examples, with adjustability for controlled relief and lightweight design for comfortable wear.

While the Sports Elbow Strap utilises a special BOA tension system for complete control at all levels of activity, the EpiPoint offers a slimmer comfortable fit for all day wear.

Both are suitable for milder cases where the pain is more localised or comes and goes.

Man wearing a Bauerfiend elbow brace while playing tennis

Elbow sleeve or brace

An elbow sleeve or brace will usually cover the whole elbow, providing compression across the bulk of the tendon and surrounding muscles. Many of these supports also incorporate some kind of gel support or massage pads the provide further stimulation and relief.

The EpiTrain is one of the best elbow supports on the market, combining the stabilisation and circulation boost of medical grade compression with targeted viscoelastic gel support and massage pads, all wrapped up in a breathable lightweight anatomical fit.

The EpiTrain is ideal for anyone who is dealing with more chronic pain, or who can’t take a break from their day to day life to rest the elbow.

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