woman doing the sit to stand exercise in her living room to build leg and core strength

Do you want to work on your core and leg strength or improve your mobility? The sit to stand exercise could be a worthwhile addition to your routine. It’s a good way to improve mobility and stability and start building strength. Not to mention, the exercise has long-term benefits for your health. Read on to learn more.


  • Stand in front of a seat with your feet hip-width apart. The seat should be low enough so that when you sit, your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • Slowly lower yourself to the seat, using your arms as a counterbalance.
  • Once you’ve sat, rise back up to the standing position by activating your glutes and quads and bending your torso forward.
  • Repeat as your ability allows.


The sit-to-stand isn’t a particularly intense workout. However, it does help strengthen the legs and core (especially if you pile on the reps and sets). It also improves your stability, balance, and control.

It’s an extremely important exercise to do for regaining mobility and independence following a knee or hip injury, surgery, or even the development of arthritis. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, practising standing up after sitting down can save you a lot of trouble when you’re older. Because as we age, muscle strength starts to diminish, and motions that aren’t practised frequently can get harder and harder to do. 



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