#SizeMatters: How to find your perfect size and fit for Bauerfeind Bracing & Compression

When it comes to bracing and compression, it is vital to acquire the right fit and size of the product as it affects the amount of pressure, stability, comfort and effectiveness of the product. The tendency of wearing loose or tight garments can lead to problems such as slipping, discomfort, and more pain. The road to recovery is made easier when all the steps you take are correct.  

Orthosis are limited to only a few sizes, but Bauerfeind developed an extensive sizing system based on real measurements from more than 500,000 different people around the world 


Bauerfeind products are designed for an anatomically precise fit that adapts to most body sizes and shapes. Our patented flat-knit technology has been engineered to create anatomically contoured braces and supports that provide targeted compression where it’s needed most. This was done with thorough research with the help of our BodyTronic 3D scanning system. BodyTronic is one of the most accurate method of measurement to find your perfect brace size.


For our Sydney-based customers and patients, you can try the cutting-edge technology and experience getting the most precise measurements with Bauerfeind products at our flagship store in Sydney CBD! 

The Bodytronic 600 digital measurement system creates a highly accurate 3D scan of your lower body which provides precise anatomical measurements for that perfect fit guarantee. 
The system projects infrared light as you stand on a revolving measurement platform. The beams display a grid on the skin that is then used to generate a highly accurate 3D model. This model can then be used to determine exact sizing needs, as well as to identify areas of asymmetry and track changes over time. 


The products on our website have measuring and fit guides, to help you find the correct size. The sizing guide will walk you through the process of measuring your body to find the best fit. On the product page, you will see the three ways you may be guided with in choosing the right size including referring to the size chart that includes measurements of each size available, a sizing video to further aid in measuring the specific body part (we have included the most popular products sizing videos below), and a “Measure Me” feature where you can input your measurements, and it will tell you which size to go for. 

For assistance selecting the right product for your needs, book a video consultation with a Bauerfeind expert: Book Video Call, or call us on 1300 668 466. 


The videos below may help you measure your body properly depending on which product you are looking to purchase. When between sizes, the average person prefers the smaller size for a more secure fit, unless you are sensitive to compression.  

Measuring for Knee Products 

How to Measure for a GenuTrain Knee Brace

Measuring for Arm Products 

How to measure: Sports Arm Sleeve

Measuring for Wrist Products 

How to measure: Sports Wrist Strap

Measuring for Elbow Products 

How to Measure: EpiTrain Elbow Brace

Measuring for Back Products 

How to Measure: Sports Back Support

Measuring for Leg Products 

How to Measure: Sports Lower Leg Sleeve


Measuring for Ankle Products 

How to measure: Sports Ankle Brace

Wearing the right sized product can make a significant impact on recovery and support needs. Whether you choose a larger size for a gentler compression or the smaller size for a firmer compression, Bauerfeind products have an extensive sizing range to suit your preferences.  

Do you have private health? Most private health extras will cover Bauerfeind Products, check to see if yours is included. Bauerfeind Private Health Insurance Inquiry.  

Bauerfeind products are developed at our innovation and manufacturing facility in Zeulenroda, Germany. Based on years of scientific research, our award-winning braces and support garments are highly recommended by medical professionals and athletes worldwide. 


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