Stability Ball Push-Ups Workout


This is a variation of the classic push-up exercise. Stability ball push-ups are performed on an unstable surface, adding to the challenge. This exercise makes a great addition to a workout routine for the arms and core and as part of shoulder rehab. 


Benefits of stability ball push-ups

Like regular pushups, stability ball pushups work your arms, shoulders, and chest. But adding an unstable surface means you activate twice as many core muscles to keep you balanced, making the exercise a good core workout as well. 

As your shoulders need to do more work to keep you steady on the ball, this exercise can also help stabilise your shoulder.


How to do stability ball push-ups


  1. Begin this exercise in the push-up position, with both hands supported on top of the stability ball.
  2. Lower and raise your chest to and from the ball by bending and extending the elbows.
  3. While performing this exercise, maintain a straight line alignment from the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. Do not let your lower back sag, as this can hyperextend the spine and cause injury.
  4. Perform both the upward and downward movements in a controlled fashion.
  5. Repeat as your ability allows. 

For your safety, make sure you can do a few floor pushups before trying them with a stability ball.


    Support your stability ball push-ups

    The support and compression provided by the OmoTrain Shoulder Brace from Bauerfeind can help ease shoulder pain and improve exercise performance.

    • Compression helps your nerves transmit signals to and from the brain
    • Compression also works to boost circulation and reduce swelling, ensuring healing tissues have all the oxygen and nutrients they need
    • A gel pad to relieve pain


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