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Travelling can be so rewarding, or for some, a part of regular work life. Whatever reason it is as to why you’re flying, the toll it can take on your circulation can be damaging. And while the danger of developing a blood clot on a flight is low, the risk increases with travel time – which for Australians, long travel time is something that comes with the territory! Luckily, our compression socks for men and women can be just the thing to prevent the swelling that can occur on these flights.

What causes your feet and legs to swell?

Sitting upright and immobile for long periods of time, combined with low humidity and pressurised cabins up to an altitude of 2440 metres above sea level, can be the perfect recipe for discomfort and swelling. As a result, central blood vessels in the legs can become compressed, making it harder for the blood to get back to the heart.

Muscles can become tense, causing backaches and feelings of excessive fatigue during and even after your flight. Normal bodily mechanisms for returning blood to the heart can be inhibited and due to gravity and the upright position you are in, fluid is likely to collect in the feet and legs, causing swelling.

Some studies even conclude that prolonged immobility can lead to problems later in life such as the formation of blood clots in your legs, known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

How do compression socks for men and women work?

Compression socks reduce swelling by steadily squeezing the legs, helping the veins and leg muscles efficiently move blood to other areas of the body.

Many flight companies and medical professionals encourage the use of compressions socks for anyone who could experience swelling in their legs as it offers a safe and simple approach to prevent blood from stagnating. Obviously, we too strongly recommend the use of compression socks during flights and our latest 3D body imaging technology allows consumers to have compression socks specifically designed to fit them, as opposed to the generic sizes offered by other companies.

The advantage is greater comfort and increased benefit and less muscle fatigue. When choosing compression socks for men and women, remember it should feel like calves are experiencing a gentle hug, rather than being strangled – too tight can be counterproductive!

What compression socks do we recommend?

Bauerfeind’s VenoTrain micro compression stockings stimulate circulation and relieve unwanted stress on the veins. VenoTrain micro is ideally suited for work and those standing excessively or sat at desks, travel, preventive care and pregnancy.
VenoTrain business stockings offer first-class comfort as well as thermal regulation. The reinforced sole sports Timbrelle fibres, ensuring a fresh foot climate all day, night and flight long.

Compression stockings for flying

While our Sports Compression Socks incorporate medical standard compression for endurance and speed up recovery times, the continuous compression promotes venous return – ideal for long haul flights.

using compression stockings for flying
The use of any one our compression socks for men and women is strongly encouraged on flights. Unlike other forms of transportation, air travel allows for rapid movement across numerous time zones, producing a disturbance to the body’s ‘biological clock’. These socks not only aid comfort during and after a flight, but offer a totally natural remedy to inflight pain and swelling, that otherwise pain killers or other anti-inflammatory medication would be required.

To find out more about our anti one-size-fits-all approach, modern technology equipment, or benefits of compression wear, it is best to experience our individually fitted, German-made compression products yourself and reap the benefits, whether on land, or in the sky!

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