Why You Need A Knee Brace

Knee Support Braces assist people in living a better life by supporting and helping to fight knee ailments. 

Knee braces or knee sleeves are ideal for treating sprains, instability, and knee pain in general. They are often used to ensure a swift and solid recovery from injury. They are used by active people who enjoy leisurely strolls through the countryside through to professional athletes playing sport at a global level. 

Bauerfeind only make high-quality Knee Braces which are German engineered by some of the worlds best medical and design experts then tested and improved on an ongoing basis and distributed from right here in New Zealand.

Here we address some of the key questions that we get from those considering a knee brace:

Why should I use a Knee Brace?

A good knee brace will reduce knee pain, swelling and unwanted lateral movement.  Bauerfeind knee braces are clinically developed to improve knee stability and comfort without limiting mobility. For everyday relief from knee problems or pain. 

What injury do I have?

Speak with a physiologist to understand what your injury is and the severity. Here are our recommended braces & supports for your specific knee injury:
  1. For Sprains, tendinitis, swelling and Osgood-Schlatters, general knee pain, jumpers/runners knee, knee instability, meniscus tear we recommend Bauerfeind Genutrain which offers medical grade compression, knee joint stabilisation and best of all, knee pain relief.
  2. For the early stages of arthritis, osteoarthritis or media meniscus tear, you will need a Genutrain A3 as it has similar benefits of the Genutrain, conjoined with the corrective guide that stabilises the patella as well as the massage pad to assist in reducing pain and increasing circulation for support.
  3. If you need support for Patella tracking, Patellofemoral syndrome (Chondromalacia, Chondropathy) or Iliotibial Band Syndrome, then the best product is the Genutrain P3 as the brace offers similar features to the original Genutrain but also features an adjustable corrective strap which prevents the patella from drifting laterally and also a muscle relaxing pad to reduce sideways pulling of the patella.
  4. In the case of moderate Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MCL/LCL injuries or Moderate Meniscus tears, then the solution is the Genutrain S which also offers joint side bars for additional stability, straps which are adjustable and attach to the side bars for optimal knee support.

In summary, a knee brace will help aid the symptoms of knee pain and provide peace of mind by giving you the support to be more mobile when dealing with any kind of knee pain. Do not suffer in silence or allow the problem to get worse by leaving it unaided.

If you are still uncertain if a knee brace is the right solution for you, a physio or specialist can examine your knee concerns to recommend the right support or action. If you are still unsure which knee brace is right for you, you can take our product selector quiz, send us a message on Live Chat or book a video consultation with a Bauerfeind expert: Book Video Call.

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